7 Things Every Grown-Ass Man Does While His Partner Is In Labor

The birth of a baby is indeed one of the greatest moments in anyone’s life. After nine months of wait, the baby arrives to make your life happier. Your partner has endured lots of discomforts while your baby developed in her tummy. And when she goes to labor for that blessed moment, dads, what are you planning to do?

Well, do not think that labor is everything about a woman struggling to get her baby out. The dad also has a role to play supporting his partner, thus, making the moments easier for her. When your partner is in labor, remember these tips. Because these are the things every grown-ass man does while his partner is in labor.


He Keeps Her Relaxed

When the labor pain hits your partner, it is natural for her to feel anxious and worried. But, unwanted and unnecessary tension will make the journey tough for her. A perfect birth partner knows how to take control of the situation and keeps his partner happy. First of all, he does not panic at all. Stay calm. Your relaxed and calm attitude can be contagious and your partner will be at ease when she sees you.

He Offers Her Snacks And Water

Don’t wait for her to ask for it. Even before labor begins, talk to the doctor and understand what all things you can offer her. Buy all of them in advance. Keep offering her water if she looks tired. How nice it is to have someone by her side offering everything she wants! This might help in distracting her and giving her that extra energy.


He Monitors Her Contractions

When she is in terrible pain, she may not be in a position to track her contractions. Take charge, dads-to-be. Help your partner monitor and time contractions. Who doesn’t love a partner who stands next to her during contractions until they reach the climax!

He Listens To Her

For her man, she is the priority at the moment. He will be all set to listen to her. And he will be her strong advocate. If she wants someone to leave the delivery room, he will make sure that the person does not stay in the room anymore.


He Encourages Her

Be a crazy cheerleader! With every push and every contraction, your partner is going to be tired. Encourage her. Be there as a great support system. Do not let her give up. Remind her of the bigger picture and the arrival of the baby. Tell her that you are so proud of her for everything she has done so far.

He Talks for Her

As she goes through the pain, she won’t be able to communicate her birth plan to the doctor. A responsible partner will do that for her. He will be fully aware of what his laboring partner wants. If doctors or nurses insist on unnecessary intervention, he will fight for her. However, if circumstances demand an intervention, he should be smart enough to convince her to change the birth plans. Your calm but firm demeanor may force her to rethink.


He Goes With The Flow

Your hitherto soft and nice partner may become downright hostile. Yes, intense pain will do that to a human being. Sometimes she may squeeze your wrist out of pain. She may ask for a massage. Sometimes she may hate you for touching her. She may even curse you for what she is going through.

Let her do whatever that makes her feel comfortable at that time. It will help her a lot. Take it all in stride. And worry not, it is a tough period, stay strong to overcome that. At the end of the day what she remembers is a loving partner who has been her pillar of strength and support.


And dads-to-be, most importantly you need to look after yourself. The last thing she wants during labor is a sick person standing next to her. Take care of your health, be ready to pamper your partner as she does one of the toughest jobs.