7 Things At A Farmers’ Market That Can Ruin Your Diet

Farmer’s markets are fun places if you love food. If you’re someone on a diet, however, farmer’s markets can send you railing off without you even realizing it. Since it’s all beautiful, wholesome ingredients, we’re almost misled to believe that you can eat most things without guilt. But of course, wholesome ingredients don’t lower the calorie count. Here are some foods you should avoid.

1. Bread

Bread can ruin a low-carb diet

It can be incredibly hard to resist freshly baked bread but you do have to remember that they are all carbs. Even if you try to stick to one slice, you may be tempted to have 2 or 3 slices of different varieties at different stalls. Overall that adds up to your calorie count. Not to mention this can defeat the purpose of a low-carb diet.

2. Cheeses

Cheese is very high in calories

Cheese in

the right amount is perfectly fine as an addition to a healthy diet. However, at a farmers’ market, all the variety can tempt you into eating a lot more than you realize. With free samples, it’s difficult to keep track over the amount that you eat. Just a 100 grams of cheese can equal up to 371 calories.1

3. Charcuterie

These meats are high in fat and salt

These delicious meats are loaded with cancer-causing nitrates and salts.2 Not to mention, plenty of fat. One or two thin slices is alright but resist the urge to buy an entire piece of sausage or salami. Having it

sit at home will tempt you to binge-eat every now and then.

4. Jarred Sauces And Jams

Often these jarred items contain extra sugar and salt

A lot of stalls sell their own jarred jams and cooking sauces. The jams may use fresh fruit but they also have plenty of sugar in them. Cooking sauces, especially mayonnaise or cheese-based ones, may also contain sugar and a good amount of salt and fat.  Tasty for sure, but not the healthiest of choices.

5. Pastries

Food trucks offer a selection of temping foods

Don’t be fooled. Muffins are just cupcakes without the icing. They may be filled with fruit and nuts but this also comes with plenty of sugar and fat. Other fresh pastries are obviously unhealthy but it is easy to give in to temptation in this atmosphere.

6. Food Trucks

Food trucks offer a
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Food trucks offer a variety of dishes that look enticing but definitely do not belong in a diet. These gourmet selections may be tempting, but don’t give in. Unless the truck offers nutritional information for their foods, nothing is safe.

7. Drinks

Fresh drinks may have plenty of sugar in them

When the weather is hot, that cold cup of lemonade or other fresh fruit juice looks like the perfect remedy. However, these drinks are most likely drowned in sugar or sugar syrup. Give them a pass and stick to fresh water.

What Can You Eat

Stick to fresh fruit and veg

Of course, by no means does this mean that everything from a farmer’s market is evil. There are great selections of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. Buying

local helps support the farmers who get the satisfaction of seeing their hard work go from ground to the customer. Organic meats and dairy are also amazing buys. You can be assured that the animals are treated ethically and aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals or hormones along the way.

The next time you visit the farmers’ market, make sure to keep an eye out for these hidden danger foods that can trip up your diet. At the same time, enjoy the experience of buying fresh produce from local industries.