7 Things About Losing Your Virginity Nobody Talks About

No matter how old you turn, the first time you “lost it” is always a memorable one. Most often, it becomes an awkwardly beautiful experience. Sometimes, it can also be embarrassing. No matter how many times you watch a movie or read up on how to make love, you are never prepared for your first time.

Losing your virginity is usually a hard yet beautiful experience. If you’ve done it with the right partner, then it stays a beautiful memory forever.


Things About Losing Your Virginity Nobody Talks About

Here are some hard-to-face truths about losing your virginity that people don’t always talk about.

1. It Isn’t Like The Movies

It Isn’t Like The Movies


If The Notebook is the movie you’ve watched more than ten times to know how losing your virginity feels like, then it is time for you to erase any of those ideas from your mind.

Losing your virginity is nothing like that portrayed in the movies. It is not as simple or as easy as it seems to be in the movies. So, the first thing you need to know is if it is messy and weird, it is normal.


2. The First Time Can Be Awkward

The First Time Can Be Awkward

The first time with your partner can give you an awkward experience. It is awkward because you are excited about it but at the same time nervous because it is something completely new. You don’t know what to expect and what is expected of you.


There are way too many thoughts running through your mind and you don’t really know what to focus on. You are turned on but caught up in a chaotic situation at the same time. All this and probably more can make your first experience an awkward one.

3. The First Time Isn’t The Best

The First Time Isn’t The Best


Losing your virginity is never going to the best experience ever. In fact, it is probably the last thing that is going to remind you of some sexual pleasure. Apart from the fact that it is going to be confusing and awkward, it is not something to fear.

Just remember, those scenes from the movies that you kept replaying in your head is not close to what the reality is going to be like. Yet, it is and always will remain a memorable one.


4. The Hymen Doesn’t Define Your Virginity Status

The Hymen Doesn’t Define Your Virginity Status

If you are picturing a lot of blood and a pop sound during your first sexual intercourse, then it is time to change it. The hymen is a stretchy tissue that is present inside the vaginal opening. It is possible for a tear or a stretch in the hymen during the first intercourse, but it does not disappear after that.


In fact, if you are a very active person, for instance, if you are involved in sports activities or gymnastics, there is a possibility that you’ve torn a part of your hymen even before sexual intercourse. So, your hymen does not define the status of your virginity. If you are an active human being, you may have torn it even before you lost it.

5. The First Time Can Hurt A Little

The First Time Can Hurt A Little

Losing your virginity with your partner is not a bed of roses. This means that sexual intercourse can hurt a little if it is your first time. To avoid this, most often, it is important to engage yourself and your partner in some foreplay. Foreplay involves kissing and touching and lots of both. This helps the guy get his erection and the girl enough lubrication, making the act of love less painful.

6. Losing Your Virginity Is Not Just Sexual Intercourse

Oral Sex Is Also Part Of Your First Time

For most people, losing virginity is all about the penetration. However, it is important to know that oral sex may sometimes be even more intimate and pleasurable than sexual intercourse.

So, losing virginity is not only about one act, it is a series of acts and with these acts come a lot of responsibilities as well.

7. You May Feel Closer To Your Partner

You May Feel Closer To Your Partner

After all the awkward, weird, messy, not-so-pleasant experience, there is no doubt that you will feel closer to your partner than you did earlier.

Sharing an intimate time together can bring you closer to your partner and the feeling is, most often, mutual.