The Power Of A Healthy Cleanse

We are exposed to more toxins today than ever before in history. And I am not just talking about the toxins in the air, in food or in home products. I am also talking about excess toxic stress.

I am talking about our on-the-go, 100-mile-an-hour lifestyle. And I am talking about the sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and other foods that are toxic in our diets. For all these reasons and more, a healthy cleanse can be a vibrant living necessity.


The Two Types Of Cleanses

It is important to understand that there are short-term and long-term cleanses that involve very different diets. These two types of cleanses have different intended outcomes. Understanding the difference will help you decide which type would be better for you.

Short-Term Cleanse

These types of cleanses will last for a few days at most. They are commonly done seasonally, in the fall and the spring. One of their main objectives is to rest the organs of digestion like the liver, the pancreas, and the gallbladder. Only vegetables, vegetable juices, and bone broth are consumed during this time. These are foods that will help the body rest and replenish.


Ease into this type of cleanse. Eat cleaner and lighter in the days leading up to it and the days leading out of it. This will diminish the shock of transitioning into and out of a restricted diet.



While this type of cleanse is nourishing, it is also missing essential fats and protein. So it is not healthy to stay on this plan for more than a few days. Doing so can actually increase toxicity.

Organs of detoxification need amino acids from protein and healthy fats to function long-term. This type of cleanse is good for giving the body a short-term rest.


Long-Term Cleanse

As the title suggests, these types of cleanses will last longer giving time for the body to rest and repair. The benefits extend to a cellular level. These cleanses soothe inflammation, re-balance blood sugar, and help the body function better. The average time frame is 1 to 4 weeks.

A long-term cleanse needs to include real food to achieve some of the tough work of detoxification. The diet should still include vegetables, vegetable juices, and bone broth like a short-term cleanse. But, it should also include good quality, lean protein from chicken, turkey or wild, low-mercury fish for blood sugar balance and organ support.



It should have healthy fats like avocado, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds and coconut oil to balance hormones and increase vitamin and mineral absorption. It should include water, juices, and fiber for nutrient absorption and toxin elimination.


A long-term healthy cleanse can also include healing herbs. Herbs are supportive of organ detoxification and repair. Burdock root, dandelion, milk thistle, stinging nettle, red clover, cilantro, and neem are some beneficial herbs for detoxification.

Reasons To Do A Healthy Cleanse

All of us can benefit from short-term seasonal detoxes. These should be done during times of rest and not while working 12 hour days. A seasonal detox is a time to rest both mentally and physically.


A long-term cleanse should be done once a year or as needed and can be done alongside normal life activities. You might not want to run a marathon while on this type of cleanse. But your normal routine should not need to be altered.


The benefits of a cleanse are many – you may have lesser stomach issues and lesser allergies, you might feel more energized or experience less brain fog. Or perhaps your skin will clear or your depression may start to lift.

There is no guarantee how a cleanse will benefit you, but cleanses will often give attention to where you need it most.

A Healthy Cleanse And Weight Loss

Something else to note is that a long-term cleanse is really an excellent first step to any weight loss plan. We often can not lose weight because our blood sugar is imbalanced, our toxicity is high, our bodies are inflamed, and our elimination organs are stagnant.


So taking a few weeks to address these issues can make a true difference with not only losing weight, but keeping it off.

Your Next Healthy Cleanse

So consider scheduling a cleanse into your near future. It is easy to procrastinate or put off attempts to help your body function better. But how will you feel a year from now if you do not take positive steps to feel better?


The first step is always the hardest. Once you commit to a healthy change, the next step comes much easier.