The Key To Happiness Lies In Being A Child Again

For most of us, being a successful adult means being responsible, which is a good thing. But sometimes, we get so carried away with trying to stick to routines and deadlines, we forget what it’s like to let loose and have some fun.

Holding on tight to our stuff physically, mentally, and psychologically can stress us out over time. So it’s important to learn to let go once in awhile and seek out your inner child, to remind yourself that life is also about the simple pleasures.


Here are some ways you can hunt down your inner child.

1. Play A Board Game

Playing board games is a good way to find your inner child and help yourself rewind at the end of a long week.


Remember those days when you’d sit with your entire family for a game of Checkers? Why not do that again? You can dedicate one day in the week, maybe a Saturday or a Sunday to rewind with your family by playing your favorite board games. Even if you live alone in an apartment, you can still invite your friends over for a game instead of heading out to grab a drink. You could probably ask them to recommend a board game of their choice as well!

2. Babysit Someone’s Child

Babysitting a child can help you relive your childhood memories that will help bring you happiness.


Sometimes, the best way to find your inner child is being with a child. The next time you get to know your friend is too busy to stay home with her little one, offer to help out and babysit. Arrange for some drawing supplies, talk about animals and birds, eat some ice cream, and take a walk by the pond to feed some ducks. There are tonnes of things you can do with a child, and you won’t even realize that time has flown!

3. Race Your Friends

Running is exercise which releases happy hormones to help you de-stress.


The next time you’re out with your friends, try racing them to the next corner of the road. A little bit of running does everyone a world of good anyway. Because it’s exercise, and exercise releases happy hormones called endorphins. So even if it’s for a few seconds, do it anyway. You’ll be surprised by the amount of joy you can get from even the little victories!

4. Do A Little Coloring

Research suggests that coloring is almost as good as meditation and is a good way to get rid of stress.


Did you love art class in school? Were you very particular about your colors and not letting your crayon move outside the outline of your drawing? Well, it’s time to hunt down your old art supplies again. Research suggests that coloring is almost as good as meditation, which explains the popularity of all those Mandala books.1 If they’re not your style, just head straight to the nearest children’s shop and pick up something with animals or nature! Remember to let your imagination fly as you color. You don’t always have to paint the trees green, and the water blue. Why not color the grass a bright shade of purple and the sky a brilliant shade of pink and see what you get?

5. Watch Some Cartoons

Watching cartoons is a good way to relive childhood memories and are also an excellent way to learn some very essential life lessons.


It’s a pity that they don’t air too many nice cartoons for children these days. But if you can dig up some old episodes of Captain Planet, Scooby Doo, and Tom And Jerry on Youtube, watch them. On the outset, it may seem silly, but in reality, cartoons are the best way to get some life lessons. The best part, they don’t come across as too preachy. Instead, they make it fun with interesting plot lines that are imaginative and at the same time extremely relatable!