The Ethereal Healing Power Of Music For The Soul.

The Ethereal Healing Power Of Music For The Soul.


Today is World Music Day. Time to revel in the “real” music and differentiate the music that you hear through your ears and what you feel through your soul.


Music is the Universe….

Music has a vital role to play in our life, because the entire universe is singing. There is one song going on eternally. Every particle of the universe is immersed in this song, and anyone who immerses himself into the depths of meditation can hear this music. It won’t be wrong to say that the whole universe is the eternal song incarnate. That eternal song has become this vast physical universe.


Music that nourishes our soul is the real music.

Our body and mind develop special connection with music right from infancy when we fell asleep after listening to the lullaby our mothers sang to us.


Do we really understand “Music”?

After all there has to be difference between music and noise. The so called music which shatters our concentration makes us more tense is more of a noise than music. Music transforms us, elevates us, and makes us better human beings because it is a means towards bringing us closer to the universal song, which is the name of God. All over the world, mystics have given different names for that universal music – Word, Shabad, Naad, Dhun etc. Words are just pointers to that music.


The Therapeutic Role of Music:

Ayurveda recognizes that music can be used therapeutically used to balance the body and mind. As tastes, smells affect our doshas, so can music. It affects our circadian rhythms and our psychological well being.

Any music is good which soothes us, comforts us, calms us, inspires us. It is for this reason that classical music is preferred to pop, rock etc.  Pop and rock can increase aggression, sharpness or competitiveness. In the present day world where life has become so fast and cut throat competition has become the order of the day, so we will give the opposite that becomes the remedy.

Classical music can come to the rescue of the anxiety ridden mankind. The gravitational pull is reduced when we are absorbed in the music. Then levitation starts working. Music for a while, mesmerizes us, takes our feet off the ground. Listening to music or singing is almost like an aeroplane taking off.

Music gives us the hope that life is worth enjoying. Listening to music can be very therapeutic. While listening to music or singing, all the thoughts are driven away. Mind is emptied of garbage and thus it creates a climate for meditation.

So again the choice is ours whether we are searching for inspiration, comfort, calmness, soothness or passion, sharpness competitiveness etc.

Stop…Breathe…Relax…Can you hear that song?…that’s music for the soul…the music of LIFE!!!