The 10 Key Areas of Focus for Increased Energy And Health

The 10 Key Areas of Focus for Increased Energy & Health
The 10 Key Areas of Focus for Increased Energy & Health
One of the biggest complaints people have in their health is the amount of or lack of energy they experience on a consistent basis. Most adults have energy issues at some point throughout the day. Not feeling refreshed and revitalized when waking up, 2pm slumps and exhaustion by the end of the day are all signs you are not experiencing the energy you could and should be experiencing. Lack of energy is a multi-faceted problem, meanings its root causes can be found in a variety of areas. This also means you must look at ALL these areas to increase your energy and better your health.
Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, who was the most prominent leader in the Natural Hygiene movement, a movement that advocates a nontoxic diet, primarily or exclusively made up of raw foods, comprised a list of basic requirements needed to obtain vibrant levels of health. These life requirements, if practiced consistently over time, help your body to build greater levels of health and energy. When you don’t pay attention to these areas, however, your energy levels fall and you create an internal environment that is not as healthy.
The 10 Key Ares of Focus for Increased Energy and Health…

1. Fresh Foods

 This is number one on the list, for all the reasons discussed in this book. Raw foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and sprouts, to name a few, but are any foods that are left in their natural state. These foods must be organic to have maximum benefit.  Toxins found in in-organic foods sap energy and decrease health.
2. Cleanliness Inside & Outside of the Body
You know the importance of a clean body on the outside, but often don’t think about the cleanliness of the inside of your body. Toxins and wastes, not properly and periodically cleansed, build up in the tissues, causing a very unhealthy internal environment and a variety of health problems. Regular cleansing is one of the best forms of natural and preventative medicine.
3. Pure Air
Oxygen is of vital importance to your body. Our air quality, especially in urban areas is not so good. Poor air quality can contribute and exaggerate a number of health issues, including asthma and allergies. Taking time to be in areas where the air quality is clean and pure, is important as is taking time each day for deep breathing. Deep breathing allows your body to release accumulated toxins and revitalize from the inside out.
4. Pure Water 

Pure and plentiful water is an essential component to a healthy body. Most of us do not get enough clean filtered water daily. Dehydration is a common culprit for a myriad of health complaints from headaches and low energy, to aches, pains and emotional imbalance. A water filtering device is indispensable, and something every household should have. Unfiltered water contains both chlorine and fluoride which are known harmful chemicals to the human body.

5.  Adequate Rest & Sleep

The natural rhythms of the body are activity and rest. The body repairs, renews and regenerates when it rests and sleeps. Balancing a busy life with equal amounts of rest is imperative to good and lasting health. Sleeping well is also very important. Disturbed or disrupted sleep patterns can cause many health problems and significantly decrease your overall energy levels. Creating a calming period before bed can allow your body to unwind and balance your sleep patterns.

6. Sunlight

The outdated and incorrect “guidance” by the American Medical Association for years to always cover yourself or wear sunscreen at all times has had disastrous health consequences. Most of the population in the U.S. is now Vitamin D deficient, and is it any wonder why? Western medicine scared everyone out of the Sun! The Sun’s light is important for numerous body functions, including circadian rhythms, immune system functioning, healthy bones, mental health and much more. Twenty to thirty minutes a day of Sun, on uncovered skin is recommended. You don’t want to burn, but sunlight is imperative. Know your skin, and get the amount of Sun that is right for your body.

7. Regular Exercise

 The Western lifestyle has unfortunately evolved into a very sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is important for the immune system, mental health, weight regulation, bone and muscle strength, flexibility and pretty much everything else. Walking is one of the best and easiest exercises to engage in daily, and helps regulate digestion and other body processes and functions. Weight bearing exercise is important for strong, healthy bones. So mix it up, and get moving!

8. Emotional Balance

This includes freedom from addictions, high self esteem, a purposeful life and meaningful goals.  Everything in our body is connected. When our emotions are out of balance, everything else also becomes out of balance. A chaotic emotional life, equals a chaotic body and mind. Engage in yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, and seek out the support and help you need to bring your emotional life back into balance.

9. Nurturing Relationships

Having  people in your life that are supportive, positive and life giving is so important.  Just as we were told as kids, the people you surround yourself with will determine how successful you will be, success in every area of life.

10. Preventative Health Care

Your body cannot take care of itself all by itself. What you give your body and do with your body on a daily basis has long lasting impacts on your overall health. Preventative health care is the idea of caring for your health in a balanced and ongoing way in order to avoid the development of sickness, disease and pain. When your body is in balance you do not get colds, the flu, allergies nor any of the bigger chronic degenerative diseases. Ensuring you are keeping your body in balance, giving it what it needs and avoiding bringing anything harmful in your body is the best approach to preventative medicine.

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