Tattoo Ideas For Parents To Honor Their Kids

Getting inked is no longer a practice seen in a particular crowd. With passing time, most people are getting tattoos done. While some find it fascinating to have an endearing tattoo, some use it as a way to express their love and beliefs through it. A parent-child relationship is the one which is intangible, eternal, and doesn’t fade with time. Getting inked for your child could be an awesome idea to cherish the wonderful feeling.

Here are some excellent ideas which speak more than words do!

Tattoo Ideas For Parents To Honor Their Kids

1. Fingerprint

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All we can think of when we see the word “fingerprint” is uniqueness. Why not get a fingerprint of your child inked on you, just to show how unique your child is. It is also a way of carrying their peculiarity with you always.

2. Sketch Works

Your little one’s sketches are the most adorable curves and lines you see in his childhood. Getting one of his sketch works inked is an awesome way of keeping those fun memories intact. Your child, no matter how old he grows up, would always love to see that piece of art turned into a masterpiece because of you!

3. For Infinity

A parent-child relationship knows no bounds, just like infinity. Having his name etched on it doesn’t just make it look like a million bucks, but also speaks what words completely can’t describe. Two pretty hearts around the name are an icing on the cake!

4. Heart Rhythm

Right from the moment you get to know that your little one is growing within you, the heart rhythms are too familiar to ignore. Getting etched his fetal heart rhythm recorded before his birth, near your heart, is a brilliant idea. It is to all those 9 beautiful months of carrying him within you.

5. Footprint

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Those little feet have kicked you from within giving you the joy of life growing inside you. When outside, those feet have created memories with their tiny little steps. Getting your bundle of joy’s footprint on your foot can signify that you carry him with you wherever you go.

6. Favorite Toy

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