To Take Hot-Water Bath When Pregnant Or Not To

When you are pregnant, you are surrounded by suggestions and tips and tricks, from everyone who has been a mom. On that list, there are things like don’t eat hot dogs, avoid painting chores, don’t exert yourself, maintain hygiene, don’t eat fast foods, and don’t take hot baths. Frankly, it’s a never-ending list.


One of the most important concerns of mom-to-bes is whether they can take a hot water bath when they are pregnant. Let’s break it down, so that you can talk to your healthcare provider about it.

Opting For Warm Or Tepid Baths

Health experts say that it is completely all right to have hot baths when pregnant as long the body temperature is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is more heated, the body temperature would rise increasing the heart rate and reduce blood flow to your body causing distress to your fetus.

Taking baths in overheated waters especially in the first trimester can lead to birth defects in the offspring and can even cause spine and brain related problems. Therefore, before heading out for that hot soak, check the temperature and ideally opt for warm water baths to unwind and relax.

Things To Do When Taking That Hot Water Bath (And Things Not To Do)

Don’t Stay For Too Long

Keep a watch on the time spent while taking the bath. Ideally, do not spend more than 10 to 15 minutes, for within this time, the body’s temperature does not shoot up.

Jacuzzi And Sauna’s are NO-NO!

Warm and hot water baths are okay, jacuzzi and sauna are not. It should be avoided at all costs because in a jacuzzi or sauna your body remains in constant heat and more hazardous than you could ever guess.

Stay Hydrated

While soaking in warm bath in the tub, make sure that you stay hydrated. Replace your wine with some fresh fruit juices and water and keep sipping. Hot water baths can sometimes cause dizziness and staying hydrated would help you keep that at bay.

All these are not to deter you from that relaxing hot soak but to help you understand the pros and cons and the correct way of doing it. If still wondering whether they are actually good for you, we are listing some of the benefits here:

Why Should You Indulge In That Warm/Hot Soak

Soothes tired muscles: Pregnancy causes fatigue and with all that extra weight that you are carrying around, your back is stressed. Taking that warm shower can help you to relax and induce good sleep.
Relief from swelling: Taking that soak also helps in providing some relief from edema which is nothing but swelling in legs, ankles and feet.
Eases premature contractions: Warm water bath is soothing and provides pain relief, which means that you can finally get some relief from those painful premature contractions.
Increases amniotic fluid: It’s been found that warm water is actually good to increase the flow of amniotic fluid especially if your levels are low.

So, what are waiting for, take that warm water bath already!

What If Sauna Is Unavoidable?

It’s always to stay on the safe side and avoid sauna, but what happens if you still want to choose one of those hot-tub activities. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Get an approval from your healthcare provider
  2. Limit the time spent in sauna or hot tubs. (Do not exceed 15 minutes)
  3. Utmost care should be taken regarding the temperature of the water.
  4. Pay attention to dizziness, sweating and clamminess
  5. Get out if feeling any kind of discomfort

You are pregnant and you get to pamper yourself sometimes. However, remember that indulging doesn’t mean that you do anything that is unsafe for you or your baby. Keep in mind that while pampering yourself is okay, your baby’s well-being is also important.