How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Wife

Pregnancy is the most exciting time in a couple’s life. The physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that a woman goes through during this time are overwhelming. As a partner, it is quite a challenge for a man to handle these transitions. However, it is important for you to understand that she is going through the same challenges and more to accommodate and nurture a new living being within her. And, she needs your love, care, and support more than any other time in life.

These tips will guide you through the ways of being an amazing support system to your wife and care for her throughout pregnancy.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Wife

1. React Positively To The News


The very moment when your wife breaks the news to you that she is pregnant, make sure you do not respond in an uninterested or unexcited way. A slightest negative reaction of yours could trigger a trail of emotions in your

wife. Make her feel confident and secure that you will be by her side throughout this wonderful journey.

Even in case of an unplanned pregnancy, your care and support are the only things that matter to her.

2. Accompany Her To Doctor’s/Midwife’s Appointments


Accompanying her to all the doctor’s or midwife’s appointments will not just ensure that you are with her at all times, it will also keep you on the same page about her health. This helps you to be better aware of her condition and needs.

Also, a pregnant woman experiences something called “placenta brain,” which is characterized by forgetfulness and compromised sharpness of brain activity. Your presence will help her remember which nutritional supplement to take at what time of the day.

3. Help Her Handle Morning Sickness Better


About 75% of pregnant women have morning sickness until

the 12th or the 14th week of pregnancy. In rare cases, it stays throughout pregnancy. Make her some ginger tea while she is experiencing sleepiness, nausea, or vomiting. Do not shy away from trying any other remedies that would make her feel better.

4. Help Her Get A Sound Sleep


With growing belly and frequent trips to the bathroom, having a sound sleep appears like a distant dream to a pregnant woman. Added to this, are the restrictions of not sleeping on her back for a long period of time, which might induce back pain. Buying a body pillow for her is a good idea. Gentle massages and some herbal teas (to be taken after checking with the doctor) which soothe her also help.

5. Handle Her Condition Of Peeing Frequently


The growing baby is putting pressure

on her bladder such that she has to use the restroom every 30 minutes. The least you could do here is to be not grumpy when she asks you to pull the car near a gas station so that she could empty her bladder. The trip to the bathroom at night, particularly, could be risky. Make sure the pathway is clutter or obstruction free and slightly lit up.

6. Be Sensitive And Affectionate


Most pregnant women feel that their concerns are not well understood by their partners. Be sensitive to her new lifestyle. Eat and drink healthy along with her, and say goodbye to alcohol or smoking around her. Drop the idea of eating junk food, so that she is not tempted to eat them. Exercise is of prime importance during pregnancy, accompany her during evening walks or prenatal exercise sessions. Also, let it go if she still gets mad at you after doing all this. Hormones are to be blamed

and not her!

It is important to understand that most women still feel like making love. We know you are concerned about the baby, but intercourse wouldn’t harm the baby in any way.

7. Tell Her She Looks Radiant And Beautiful


With changing body, a pregnant woman might find herself less desirable. Telling her that she looks beautiful and more radiant than ever will make her embrace the transitions. It will reassure her that motherhood is changing her body for good.

8. Educate Yourself


There are various sources available which throw a light on pregnancy and parenting tips. Equip yourself with the know-hows. This is one of the best ways to make her feel understood. This also ensures you react accordingly to situations like water breaking or contractions and take her to the hospital immediately.

9. Take Care Of Self

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In all the hustle-bustle of taking care of your loving partner, do not ignore yourself. Eat a healthy diet and maintain an active lifestyle. You are her go-to person and her confession box, keep yourself healthy to be her pillar of support, and together, experience the amazing journey of parenthood.