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6 Unusual Side-Effects Of The Pill You Should Know About

Contraceptive pills are a boon to modern women as it allows you to control your reproductive system. However, these pills are chemical formulations and...

What Does A Cottage-Cheese-Like Discharge From The Vagina Mean?

If you’re a woman, then you know that your vagina is going to secrete all sorts of discharge. Discharge can be regulated by the...

The Common Causes Of Penis Allergies

If your penis is irritated after sex, it could be an allergic reaction. It’s possible to have a latex allergy, so try synthetic condoms. Fragrances, colors, flavors, and spermicides in condoms or lubricants may not agree with your skin. Even products on your partner’s body can cause irritation. Use lube to avoid friction from dry sex, and know that men can get a yeast infection after having unprotected sex with a woman who has one.

Why Does Your Pee Burn All Of A Sudden?

The very term “burning pee” can send chills down your spine. It is always a painful experience to feel your pee burn, especially hurting...
These are common vaginal infections during pregnancy.

7 Vaginal Infections You Can Get During Your Pregnancy

During pregnancy, your body goes through drastic hormonal changes. These can sometimes make your vagina prone to infection. Some of the infections you can develop include bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, group B strep, chlamydia, syphilis, and trichomoniasis. To prevent these infections, practice good hygiene and get tested regularly along with your partner.
Avoid these habits to limit vaginal yeast infection

Avoid These 7 Habits If You Don’t Want A Yeast Infection

Ditching certain habits will reduce your risk for yeast infections. Don’t wear tight jeans or underwear, especially on hot days. Wear loose-fitting clothing, cotton underwear, and moisture-absorbing fabric during exercise, and avoid lingering in wet swimsuits. To protect the vagina’s yeast-controlling bacteria, never douche or wear a tampon for more than 4 hours. Keep your immune system strong with exercise, stress relief, and sleep. Refrain from eating lots of sugar, because it’ll just help yeast thrive.

5 Safe And Effective Home Remedies To Treat A Yeast Infection

Anti-fungal treatments may become less effective over time as the fungus adapts and becomes resistant. Try these home remedies to treat yeast infections. Probiotics can help bring balance to the bacteria in the vagina while coconut oil shows anti-microbial activity. Ozonated olive oil is another effective option. Vinegar and vitamin C are also viable home remedies to help beat a yeast infection.
Cause of scabs in ear and treatment methods

Ear Scabs: Causes And Treatment Methods

Scabs can be dry, itchy, and painful. They can form due to cancer, ear piercings, psoriasis, bacterial and yeast infections, and an infected pimple. Antibiotics, anti-itch medications, and radiotherapy are used to treat the scabs based on the root cause. When the scabs are formed due to cancer, doctors remove the affected area to prevent it from spreading. Scabs may seem like a small problem but if not treated at the right, it can result in the loss of hearing.

Treating A Smelly Belly Button And Discharge

Some people experience a foul-smelling belly button accompanied by a discharge. A foul odor that emanates from the navel along with a yellowish, whitish, or a greenish discharge may often indicate an infection of the belly button, which may be caused due to many reasons. Preventing moisture accumulation and taking precautionary measures can help avoid this smelly condition. Consulting a dermatologist can prevent aggravating the condition.

Can Lubes Be A Reason For Your V-Troubles?

Studies have shown that lubes may trigger vaginal irritations and cause yeast infections. Certain compounds like glycerin, propylene glycol, benzocaine, and acetate in lubes cause a pH imbalance in the vagina and may cause discomfort. Enjoy your sexual experiences with silicone-based, aloe-based, and paraben-free lubes that do not have a negative impact on the vagina.
myths about labia

6 Absolute Myths About The Labia Busted

There are many baseless notions that have been prevailing for centuries about the female reproductive system and genitals. Particularly, the labia still remains a mystery to many. Neither is it the clitoris nor the vagina. It's a unique member of the vulva and is majorly protective in nature. Not all women have the same labia and it doesn't have to be fragrant as long as it's hygienically maintained.
Yeast infections can be due to multiple causes like diabetes, pregnancy and more

6 Common Factors That Trigger A Yeast Infection

Is that itch in your genital area unbearable or do you feel that your vagina is swollen? You may be suffering from a yeast infection. A common condition found in women, yeast infections can be many things – aggravating, itchy, and gross. Some of the well-known causes of yeast infections include antibiotics, pregnancy, and sexual activity or the lack of it. Knowing about these causes can be your first step to dealing with the problem confidently.

7 Reasons Why You Are Bleeding After Sex

Bleeding after sex is more common than we think. It might not happen to all sexually active women, but it happens to quite a...

6 Ways Your Workout Spells Trouble For Your Vaginal Health

The excessive sweating that accompanies workouts may cause vaginal yeast overgrowth and result in yeast infections. If your workout routine includes exercises with a lot of skin on skin contact, there is likely to be excess friction around your vagina, resulting in painful rashes and boils. Also, try to ensure that your workouts are not too intense to avoid cuts, scrapes, or bruises in your vagina and pelvic organ prolapse in extreme cases.

7 Common Vaginal Conditions That Women Must Know

Almost all women suffer from one or the other conditions of the vagina at some point in their lives. Many diseases and infections can ruin your sex lives and harm your health sooner or later. Although cleanliness and maintaining the health of the vagina can avert most conditions, there is a small chance that women may develop some. Being aware of these conditions can help prevent them.