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10 Ways To Use Feng Shui For A More Productive Workplace

Is being at work a weight on your spirit even though you enjoy what you do? Your office space itself might be creating stress...

11 Ways To Stay Comfortable At Workplace During Pregnancy

You haven’t yet started with your maternity leave and wish to embrace your work till your due date. This is a decision you have...

11 Guaranteed Steps To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

You could reduce high blood pressure without medication by following these natural steps. You need to reduce salt intake in your diet and make sure to eat plenty of fruits and leafy greens. Be physically active and maintain a healthy weight based on BMI. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption. Try to take control over stress and enjoy a work-life balance.
Even a simple "thank you" can raise motivation levels.

The Psychological Benefits Of Gratitude And Appreciation At The Workplace

A Simple 'Thank You' Can Work Wonders It is often said that people leave their managers, and not their company. Most people don't like the...

Washing Dishes Mindfully May Enhance Your Well-Being

Practicing mindfulness in simple everyday tasks to big projects, can actually help relax the mind, reduce the risk for stress-related ailments and promote mental...

Workplace Stress – Inevitable Or Avoidable?

Global competition and technological growth insensitively justify the unfair expectations employers have from employees. Office-goers are forced to work past office hours and cut back on their leisure time. The associated stress snowballs into absenteeism and slackened productivity. Businesses must take steps, like introducing meditation, to improve individual and company well-being.

10 Helpful Breastfeeding Tips For Working Moms

As a working mother, it may be extremely difficult for you to juggle work and home responsibilities. Simply put, you’re nothing short of a...

How Not To Bring Workplace Stress Home [Infographic]

How Not To Bring Workplace Stress Home

What Are The Health Risks Associated With Night Shifts?

Disruption of the biological clock or circadian rhythm is an occupational hazard of night shifts. As you try to ward of naturally occurring sleep, the stress causes insulin production to drop spiking your blood glucose levels. Depression, slow responses, and a lowered metabolism are consequences of not sleeping when you should. Simulate night conditions when you do sleep during the day.

6 Life Lessons To Thrive, Be Happy And Live Longer

Settle in a community that encourages walking. Choose jobs closer to home to reduce wasteful commuting. Socialize by meeting people face-to-face. Enroll in a club with like-minded people, or start one. Avoid financial traps like credit cards and rather focus on experiencing life and creating memories. Set up your home with fewer screens. Volunteer and spread love.

10 Tips To Help You Cultivate Work-Life Balance

Start your day with a little self-loving. Add healthy fats, filtered water, fibre-rich veggies, and proteins to your daily to-do list. Break into a sweat. Self-improve and learn a skill. Don’t do things if you don’t want to. Work where you feel productive and set goals. Efficiency is key, not the hours you work. Get ample sleep. Prioritize what makes you happy over what pays the bills.

6 Tips To Stay Healthy At Work

Regularly exercise to avoid issues with sitting all day. Stay hydrated. Eat a balanced meal such as baked beans on wholemeal toast, mushroom, and tomato or porridge with blueberries with sprinkled flax seed. Studies suggest that an average desk has more than 400 times more germs than a toilet seat! So tidy up. Clean your hands and face regularly to prevent infections.
4 Ways To Stay Trim In A Non-Active Work Environment

4 Ways To Stay Trim In A Non-Active Work Environment

Say No to anyone offering you any kind of junk or unhealthy food. Also, carry your own healthy packed food to work. Plan your healthy lunch and snack and add variety to avoid temptation. Next, stay away from the lunch area or kitchen whenever you can. You must also find support with people who are trying to achieve the same goal. Share ideas and work towards it.
How Yoga Helps Create The Perfect Work-Life Balance- QnA with Jade Allan.

How Yoga Helps Create The Perfect Work-Life Balance- QnA with Jade Allan.

Jade Allan is dedicated to guiding professionals to connect the dots of past experiences with lasting inspiration to identify a unique mission and find...