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smoking after wisdom tooth removal

5 Reasons To Avoid Smoking After Wisdom Tooth Removal

If you are slated for a wisdom tooth extraction, be prepared to stop smoking for at least 48–72 hours post surgery. If you ignore this, you could wind up with a nasty infection, pain, or a wound that takes much longer to heal. Smoking could damage that all-important blood clot which jumpstarts the healing process and up the risk of dry socket, osteomyelitis, and pericoronal infection. Smoking weed can hinder the effect of anesthetics pre-surgery and increase your chances of breaking the blood clot after the extraction.
home remedies for wisdom tooth pain

Try These 5 Easy Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom tooth pain usually occurs when these large molars emerge and there's no space near the existing teeth to accommodate them. Keep the area clean and bacteria-free. Try a salt water or turmeric mouthwash, clove oil, or a paste of ginger and cayenne pepper to soothe the pain. You can also chill vegetables like potatoes, cucumber, and cabbage and apply these to the tooth for relief.

7 Natural Remedies For Wisdom Teeth Pain

As wisdom teeth develop, they often become impacted, causing pain, inflammation, and a high risk of infection. Rinse with salt water to clean your mouth. Apply aloe vera gel, turmeric, and a garlic-ginger paste to relieve pain and kill bacteria. Clove oil is a potent analgesic, but don’t use too much. Anti-microbial tea tree oil can also be used in a mouthwash. For a cooling effect, add peppermint oil or rub it on.
try these aftercare for wisdom tooth removal

Aftercare For Wisdom Tooth Removal: 10 Easy Tips

While a wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure, it is often a surgical one. A few precautions can ensure your recovery is hassle-free. Avoid spitting, rinsing, or drinking and eating hot things for 24 hours. After that, make sure you rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash or salt water. Apply a gauze pad to the wound and an ice pack to your cheek to reduce swelling. To aid recovery, sleep with your head elevated, have soft foods for a few days, and do not drink or smoke.
Know the truth behind these teeth myths.

9 Common Myths About Teeth And Dental Care

Teeth should be taken care of properly to ensure dental hygiene. Contrary to popular belief, wisdom teeth don't always need to be removed. Sugary treats aren't the only cause of cavities. Milk teeth need to be taken care of properly because they can affect permanent teeth. Brushing too much or immediately after a meal can erode enamel. White teeth don't always equal healthy teeth.

Enhance Your Child’s Physical And Mental Well-being Through Yogic Wisdom

The yogic practices are there for a reason, they are there to help enhance the mind and body health of your child. It is also possible to stop or significantly reduce the gland issues that a child may possess during a certain period in his/her life. These practices help regulate the gland and hormonal activity and help keep the body and mind at a balance. Those practices are the acupressure therapy, mudra healing, chakra balancing and the chakra balancing practice.
is wisdom teeth removal necessary

Is It Wise To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The wisdom teeth are no indication of an individual's degree of wisdom. In fact, in many people, the partially or completely erupted third molars can actually cause a lot of problems to oral health. From allowing cavities to develop to causing crowding of teeth, wisdom teeth can become problematic. However, in some cases, they are not so and can be retained in the mouth
What Panchamaya Koshas Are And How To Experience Them

Panchamaya Koshas: What They Are & How To Experience Them

While annamaya kosha – the physical body – comprises the tissues, muscles, bones, and organs, pranamaya kosha – the energy body – is the energy that facilitates bodily functions. Manomaya kosha – the mental-emotional body – and vijnanamaya kosha – the wisdom body – are our conscious thoughts and intellect. The final sheath is anandamaya kosha – the bliss body – which is the experience of our innermost being.

Top 3 Ways To Open Your Third Eye

First, let’s get one thing clear. Humans have two eyes. You do not have an actual physical third eye. The term "third eye" is...

7 Lifestyle Habits That Heal From Endometriosis

Slash caffeine, sugar, alcohol, red meat from your diet; instead include more of organic fruits and veggies, probiotics that are anti-estrogenic in nature. Try using emotional freedom technique and/or a restorative meditation practice to rewire your emotional and physical health. Prioritize self-care and rest to boost immunity and encourage tissue repair and regeneration.

Guru Purnima – Honouring Our Teachers

On this guru purima let's discover our inner dispeller of darkness. Let's honor the many teachers who made a difference to our life through their wisdom.

Crimes Against Wisdom: Are You Guilty Of Overindulgence?

Eating even after you feel full, not sleeping when tired or knowingly indulging in substance abuse? Dismissing your better sense and doing things you know you shouldn’t will take its toll. Your health, self-will, and self-regard will gradually decline, encouraging you to make even more bad decisions. Develop an inner calm (sattva) by first accepting that you are acting against your best interests.

Ancient Yoga Wisdom To Control And Treat Diabetes

Overeating, erratic sleeping habits, lack of physical activity, stress, alcohol and substance abuse can cause insulin imbalance and inappropriate blood sugar levels. Fenugreek seeds help moderate blood glucose. Two asanas that are beneficial in diabetes management are nishpanda bhava (the no movement pose) and savasana (the corpse pose). Make diabetes a myth!
10 Conscious Risks You Can Take For New Self

10 Conscious Risks You Can Take For New Self-Wisdom

Taking conscious risks can be a powerful catalyst for inner change. Face your fears and take a risk of saying "no" to the silent demands of others. Take the lead to find your own way. To make this self liberating discovery, stop defending yourself, take a risk of leaving empty spaces in your life remain empty, learn to let go, face rejections and bear your own burdens.
The Realization That Leads To Genuine Letting Go

The Realization That Leads To Genuine Letting Go

You must learn to cooperate with these powerful and timeless principles to be able to let go of any emotional bitterness, relentless regret, anxious worry or troubling thought. The rest will be done for you. One higher part of yourself alone that has the strength and wisdom to gently open your hand so that out of it may drop all that has been making you unhappy.