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Beat Winter Niggles With Healing Sage Tea

Bring 1 quart of water, with 4 tbps of dried sage, to a boil in a lidded pot. Turn off the heat and let it sit for an hour. Use a metal strainer with a fine mesh to strain out the sage leaves. Re-heat the tea. At the onset of cold, drink 2-3 cups of tea a day for a week. Add 3 quarts of tea into your bath water or inhale the steam to drive away coughs, colds or a runny nose.

5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Kid’s Immunity This Winter

Probiotics help keep gut balanced with healthy flora, which strengthens your kid's immune system. Vitamin D increases immune function by a factor of 3-5, and is better than vaccine. Move your kid to a whole foods diet. Other ways to keep your kid's immune system healthy are by using essential oils, limiting screen time and reducing use of chemicals at home.
5 Super Tips For Emotional Balance When Seasons Change

5 Super Tips For Emotional Balance When Seasons Change

Get Vit D: Go for a walk, keep the curtains or blinds open. Get moving: Physical exercise stimulates serotonin (the happy hormone). Get proper sleep: Conscious breathing or meditation can help. Have a balanced diet: Eat seasonal foods such as squash, pomegranate. Drink Green Juice: Add bee pollen or maca to your morning juice, to increase your dose of vitality.
Don't Lose Hope: Lose Weight This Winter

Don’t Lose Hope: Lose Weight This Winter

Research reveals that most of us could gain 6–7 pounds during the winter season. This is because the cold and cozy environment persuades us...
Much Needed Hot Health Tips For Cold Winter

Much Needed Hot Health Tips For Cold Winter

Drink 6 to 10 cups of warming liquids (hot water or herbal teas), eat freshly prepared warm food to enhance circulation and increase warmth in your body, increase your fiber intake to keep bowels clean, give yourself a daily sesame oil massage to moisten the skin in this dry season and to calm the nervous system, drink warming herbal teas with spices like ginger/cinnamon/cardamom and have a warm bath or foot bath with Epsom salts daily.
23 Hot Health Tips For Cold Winter Season

23 Hot Health Tips For Cold Winter Season

Every living organism has different stages in their lifetime where they mostly try their best possible ways to be at good stance. Moreover, almost...
Eating with the Seasons & Balancing Our Organ Systems.

Eating Seasonal Foods & Balancing Our Organ Systems.

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has taught that all of our organs are paired with a season that best supports and nourishes their function. Each season, certain parts of the body are more affected giving us a window to study the pattern at which we fall sick. For a complete table of seasonal fruits and foods, swipe left.

9 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues and Enjoy the Summer Sun

Seasonal transitions are not always easy even for the healthiest of people. During the winter, the days are getting shorter, Vitamin D is in...
Six immune- boosting foods to include in your child’s diet this winter

Six Immune-Boosting Foods To Include In Your Child’s Diet This Winter

Winter is upon us and unfortunately so is the cold and flu season. For many parents the winter months can seem like and endless...
The 3 Reasons Viruses Are Most Successful In The Winter and 6 Ways To Protect Yourself

The 3 Reasons Viruses Are Most Successful In The Winter

 by DAVE MIHALOVIC "Dress warm or you'll catch a cold" said every parent that ever existed. While it's partially true that the body's optimal temperature...