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Shaving tips for the winter.

7 Shaving Tips For The Winter

To ensure healthy skin and a smooth shave during winter, massage your shaving gel onto skin for a few minutes and gently exfoliate twice a week. In addition to this, make sure to use warm water and use a non-soap cleanser to avoid drying out the skin. Moisturize when the skin is damp with a fragrance-free moisturizer or oils.

Do You Need To Apply Sunscreen Even In The Winters?

The idea of basking in the sun has always been appealing to many people. But nowadays, as people have become more conscious of their...

8 Tricks For Comfort-Eaters To Fight Off The Winter Weight

Being around a bottle of water at all times will make giving up the calorie-laden soda come naturally to soda-lovers. Pre-portioning snacks and switching to smaller plates can make controlled-eating less seem less of an emotional sacrifice. Roasting can help add flavor without the oil, while making healthy swaps instead of ditching foods completely can make for a more sustainable healthy-eating strategy.

7 Flu Shot Alternatives To See You Through The Winter

Winter is the season of cold winds, snow, and the flu. Are flu shots your only way out? Not really. This winter, take the natural route and choose these flu shot alternatives. Certain plants and herbs can act as preventive measures and fight the virus, treat the symptoms if you're already sick, and boost your immune function. Be sure you include these foods in your regular diet to keep the flu at bay.
7 Hair Masks That Can Moisturize Your Hair This Winter

7 Hair Masks That Can Moisturize Your Hair This Winter

Use homemade hair masks to moisturize your hair naturally. Avocado is a good choice to help hair recover its lost moisture, as are coconut milk, and peanut butter. Mayonnaise can be used as a quick-fix solution. Ginger oil is an excellent addition to a hair mask due to its phytochemicals. Use yogurt and banana hair masks to hydrate the scalp and moisturize your hair.
There are myths we must not believe in about things we should and shouldn't do in winters

It’s Time You Stop Believing These Cold Weather Myths

Not all of us like the winters. Well, some of us surely love that cold wind blowing outside and the chills down our spine...
4 Surprising Benefits Of Running During The Winters

4 Surprising Benefits Of Running During The Winters

Running in cold weather helps you cover more distance without much heat stress on the body. It can help you avoid the unnecessary winter weight gain. Running exposes you to more sunlight, helping you beat those winter blues. It may also help increase your metabolic rate. So, keep warm and run this winter.

6 Tips To Lose Weight Like A Pro In Winters

Gaining extra pounds during winters is involuntary due to lack of exercise and improper food intake. Adding the right amount of good fat to the diet, practicing indoor exercises, avoiding alcohol, eating warming and soothing foods, avoiding overeating at parties, and having a disciplined sleep-wake cycle help.

3 DIY Face Masks To Transform Your Dull Winter Skin

Blend 3T honey, 1/4c cocoa powder, 1.5T yogurt, 2T oats until smooth. Apply the mix to your face, neck, and decollete; let it sit for 20-30 mins before rinsing it off with warm water. Equally beneficial will be a blend of 1 avocado, 1T ACV, 1/4t argan oil, 1 egg white. For an acne prone skin, try applying a thick paste of 3T melted coconut oil and 1t turmeric.

3 DIY Face Masks To Transform Your Dull Winter Skin

Old Man Winter has arrived. Your once soft, sun-kissed skin is dull and dry. What are you to do? It's face mask time, people! Curl up...

Rejuvenate With Winter Ayurvedic Cleanses At Home

The ancient science of Ayurveda works on the premise that the entire cosmos is made up of a combination of three doshas – Vata...
Winter fruits

9 Best Winter Fruits You Should Eat

Winter fruits are as numerous and nutritious as the summer ones. Their color, flavor, nutrients take care of your health during winter. Take a look at these 9 best winter fruits that's good for your health. To maintain healthy sugar levels, experts recommend consuming a total scale of 100 or less on the glycemic scale ranking per day.

How To Lose Or Maintain Weight This Winter

It is that time of the year again, when you just want to stay in and cuddle up; a great time to enjoy the...

10 Winter Skin Care Tips

Winters are as much a pain as they are festive. Your skin goes dry and flaky due to the cold. Here are 10 tips to keep your skin healthy this winter.

Pitta Balancing Foods To Keep Winter Blues At Bay

According to ayurveda, there are 3 doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These doshas are the biological energies that govern all the actions of the human...