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Is White Flour Bad For Your Health? What A New Study Finds

Though white flour is generally considered unhealthy, a 2016 study finds that white flour pasta, a staple in the Mediterranean diet, may not raise your BMI if you eat other healthy foods like veggies and olive oil with it. But as refined white flour lacks nutrients, make it an occasional treat if you are healthy and switch to whole wheat flour if are overweight or diabetic.

10 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30

Let’s face it! Everyone ages as time passes. Nothing can really turn back the clock-neither denial nor plastic surgery. Just like your choices of...

7 Tips To Cope With Psoriatic Arthritis Flare-Ups

Avoid milk products and wheat. Avoid meat, salt, and eat lots of pulses, and seasonal veggies. Substitute sugar with rice malt syrup and xylitol. Take Spirulana tablets as they provide energy, nutrients, plant protein, and help reduce swelling. Do cardio, stretching, body weight exercises, or just walk. Try intermittent fasting. Do yoga when you are feeling well and meditate during flare-ups.

Fix Your Pasta Craving With These Healthy Zoodles

Spiralize 2 zucchinis and 2 carrots (medium). For the cheese sauce, blend 1 cup cashews, 1/8 cup nutritional yeast, 1/2 tsp onion powder, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/2 tsp sea salt, and 2 turns white ground pepper. Add and blend in 3/4 cup non-dairy milk, 1/4 cup agar flakes, and 1/8 cup olive oil. Finally, blend in 1 tbsp white miso and 1/2 tbsp lemon juice. Overlay zoodles with sauce.

Should You Avoid White Foods Altogether?

White bread can provide more than 10% of daily protein, folate and iron, and 20% of fiber, calcium and magnesium. White rice, especially the parboiled kind, retains many nutritional benefits. Plain boiled potatoes are full of vitamins and fiber. Even white sugar, in moderation, is safe; artificial sweeteners are not. In general, avoid excessive consumption of processed white foods.
Are You Really Gluten Intolerant?

Are You Really Gluten Intolerant?

Gluten intolerance has been incorrectly generalized. Digestive disorders are caused due to fast-paced lifestyle involving impaired sleep patterns and heavy foods consumption. Filter the amount, density and freshness of wheat you consume. Minimize your risks of digestive disorders by avoiding grains in general, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables and exercising.
Breaking The Overhyped Gluten-Free Myth

Breaking The Overhyped Gluten-Free Myth

Problems with gluten occur for a very tiny percentage of people. We have generalized a non-existent problem due to smart marketing by the American processed food industry. However problems like digestive disorders and IBS are mostly caused by incorrect and excess eating, processed foods and chemicals and not gluten alone.

The Right Kind Of Bread

People are often confused about the type of wheat they should pick. The best of the lot is whole wheat grain which has a good mix of complex carbs and high fiber it helps lose weight. Whenever you're selecting wheat make sure its labelled with 100% whole wheat, more than 35 gms of fiber and non-enriched on the packing. And avoid anything white or with a prefix such as enriched or bleached. These can do more bad than good.
Seitan Recipes

Seitan Recipe: Mock Meat- Healthy Or Harmful?

Seitan, also called “wheat meat,” “wheat gluten,” or simply “gluten” is originally from Asia, is a common meat substitute for vegetarian dishes. Seitan is...
10 Foods To Break Up With Now.

10 Foods To Break Up With Now.

Breaking up is hard to do..but saying goodbye to love handles is easy once you have the low-down. There are certain foods and drinks...
Just Starting Paleo 8 Easy Paleo Swaps.

Just Starting Paleo? 8 Easy Paleo Swaps.

When you’re first starting a Paleo (or a grain-free, legume-free, mostly dairy-free) lifestyle, it can be hard to let go of some of your...
7 Things You Didn’t Know About...Pasta.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About…Pasta

For a food as ubiquitous as pasta, I bet there is a lot you don’t know about it or its history. It’s one of America’s...
Why Wheat -- Even Whole Wheat -- May Be Making You Sick

Why Wheat — Even Whole Wheat — May Be Making You Sick

Did you know that grains are actually among the first "processed foods" in the human diet? They didn’t become a dietary staple until the...
10 Worst Fast Food Meals You Can Eat

10 Worst Fast Food Meals You Can Eat

There are a lot of crap, junk, toxic meals out there…from Fast Foods to Microwaved Foods to Boxed Foods…But according to Fitnea  these are...