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turn your yoga session into cardio

Does Yoga Qualify As Cardio?

Yoga has taken the fitness industry by storm and there are enough studies now to prove the many physical and psychological benefits of yoga....
5 Exercises And Yoga Poses For Your Inner Thighs

5 Exercises And Yoga Poses For Your Inner Thighs

Tone your inner thighs with the clamshell exercise. It strengthens the hips and thighs and is great for the glutes. First position exercise can work the inner thighs, too. Side plank with leg lifts works both the legs at the same time. If yoga is your choice, go for poses like the bridge pose and reverse warrior pose.
Yoga can give you the energy to get through the day)

This Morning Yoga Sequence Will Boost Your Energy In 15 Minutes

Do you consider the sound of your alarm clock the worst sound in the world? Is getting out from your bed the hardest thing...

5 Simple Yoga Poses To Manage Psoriatic Arthritis

Stress can aggravate the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. Yoga is a fantastic way to calm the mind while strengthening the body including t he muscles and joints. The asanas can be modified according to your comfort. Yoga poses like downward facing dog, warrior stance, spinal twist and reclining twist are the most beneficial. All it takes is just 15 minutes a day.
Practicing yoga improves the health of your heart

6 Yoga Asanas For A Healthy Heart

Contrary to popular belief, your age does not determine the health of your heart. Even people in their 20s fall prey to heart attacks...
combination of mind body conditioning

6 Yoga Poses Every Climber Should Include In Their Workout Routine

Climbing is a tough activity that requires every ounce of strength from your entire body and all the will you can muster, sometimes more....
legs are the foundation of your body)

5 Standing Yoga Poses For Super Strong Legs

In the world of fitness, legs are probably the most ignored part of the body. While strong legs do not have the kind of...
yoga for knee pain)

Yoga Poses To Get Relief From Aching Knees And Joints

Your knees are very tricky joints and you need to keep them lubricated, strong, and flexible in their range of motion. If you have...

Unleash Pent-Up Energy With This Powerful Lunar Yoga Flow

The moon has a significant influence onĀ all life on Earth. According to yoga, especially Hatha yoga, your energies also rise and fall like the...

4 Ways To Make Your Yoga Practice More Creative With Props

If you're a yoga beginner or have tried a yoga session just for fun, you know that transitioning into different poses and maintaining your...

9 Effective Yoga Poses For Women Over 60

Aging is not an easy process for either men or women. However, for women, aging can bring its own challenges that most men may...

5 Yoga Poses For Firm And Healthy Breasts

Poses such as the bhujangasana, viprita karani, and shirshasana help strengthen the abdominal muscles, spine, and torso, naturally providing support for the breasts. The trikonasana and the virabhadrasana do the same, providing flexibility and strength. Regular practice of these poses will help shape, lift, and tone your breasts naturally.
Yoga helps in relieving a person from stress

9 Yoga Poses That Help Significantly In Easing Depression

Yoga is known to be a boon to humankind. Its practice had begun in the ancient days and is still a popular form of...
Beginner-friendly Tweaks To The Most Common Yoga Poses

Beginner-friendly Tweaks To The Most Common Yoga Poses

Using props like straps, blocks, folded towels, and cushions help attain a yoga pose easily for beginners. The common beginner yoga poses include cobra pose, downward facing dog, garland pose, warrior III pose, half moon pose, and cobbler's pose.

7 Anti-Aging Yoga Poses To Stay Young Forever

Before you get too excited, you should know that yoga can't stop your body from becoming old nor can it erase the wrinkles and...