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7 Ways To Feel Slim All Day Long

Everyone wants to feel good all day, every day. Do it with simple lifestyle changes. To re-energize, go for a short walk. Stretch it out and get the blood flowing. Ditch large and heavy meals for smaller portions to feel energetic. Snack on fruits and drink green tea, both of which are packed with nutrients. Drink water constantly to feel great. Avoid too much caffeine, which can make you feel sluggish.
Detox methods that are out of the box and you should know about

5 Detox Hacks That You Should Know About

You can detox daily using easy and simple techniques. Oil pulling, detox drinks like fruit, vegetable, spice and herb infused water, herbal teas, exercises and practicing yoga, walking outdoors are some of the ways to detox daily and improve your health. Adding more green leafy vegetables and fruits and drinking more water on a daily basis can detox your digestive organs and enhance the overall health of your body by supplying the required nutrients and minerals.

9 Simple And Easy Ways To Lose Weight

With the whole world fighting against weight gain and obesity, who does not want to burn calories the simple and easy way in 15 minutes? Being overweight invites all kinds of diseases and disorders. A healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and regular exercise is the simple three-pronged approach to quick weight loss. Practicing the listed activities for 15 minutes every day can help you lose weight really fast.
keeping your knees healthy

5 Exercises For Healthy Knees That You Can Do Every Day

Knees come into play in pretty much every single physical activity you do. Even when you're just standing, they are bearing the weight of...
7 Animal Walk Exercises That Improve Endurance And Mobility

7 Animal Walk Exercises That Improve Endurance And Mobility

Animal walk exercises involve imitating the walking styles of various animals. These exercises help improve various muscles and strengthen the body. Different exercises imitate different animals. Monkey walk, crab walk, lizard walk and bear walk are some popular exercises that improve overall fitness. The upper, as well as the lower body muscles, are also strengthened in many of the exercises.
keeps your legs fit

9 Bodyweight Exercises To Build Functional Leg Strength

Leg muscles are something most people ignore, including gym regulars who spend the most part of their time working on the upper body. Strong legs...

4 Things To Do To Flip A Breech

When the time comes to deliver the baby, your doctor knows what’s best for you and your baby. It is not always easy to...

6 Simple Exercises That Will Make Everyday Tasks Easier

We may do a lot of physical activity throughout the day without realizing it. For example, carrying grocery bags, keeping the lawn neat, gardening, cleaning, and even playing with your children in the backyard. If these activities tire you easily, try a regular workout including push-ups, pull-ups, squats, planks, and farmer's walks which can help build strength and stamina.
Secrets To Looking Young From Celebrity Makeup Artists

7 Secrets To Looking Young From Celebrity Makeup Artists

To look young, you need to take care of your skin, hair, mind, and health. Eating nutritious food and drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day can help your skin look hydrated and flawless. Makeup artists recommend practicing yoga to unwind and relax. Also, when applying makeup, stick to natural colors and a simple routine.

Things You Didn’t Know About Labor: Cervix Dilation

Many moms aren’t very sure what happens down there during the labor when they hear their doctors use some terms like ‘dilation', 'station', or...
These everyday activities can be great exercises too.

Everyday Activities That Burn More Than 200 Calories

Exercise is extremely beneficial for maintaining good health and promoting longevity, not to mention it's great for our mental health too. However, for a...

7 Ways To Rescue Your Dog From Summer Heat

Your dog knows nothing but to love you, so it would be the most courteous thing for you to show some of that love back by keeping her cool in the summer. They are intelligent and will naturally go to cooler places when the temperature goes up. But there are some ways which you can implement into your dog's life to make it easier for her. Put her in a cool room, installing some water sprinklers would help, take her for a morning walk, give her some frozen delights, know your dog's ways and routine, take her groomers regularly, do not under any circumstance leave your dog in your car.

7 Tips To Get Back In Shape After Delivery

Having tough time after delivery? Are you adapting to a new schedule while sleep deprived and trying to focus on many things? Welcome to...
body language of successful leaders

7 Ways To Own The Body Language Of Successful Leaders

Successful leaders emanate confidence and conviction in everything they do. A firm handshake, a warm smile, steady gait and an overall positivity are distinct characteristics of most leaders. However, positive body language tips can be learned and mastered over time. Researchers claim that to primarily act like a leader, we have to feel and think like one.

7 Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborns

Whether you are a seasoned parenting pro or ‘just-entered-parenthood’ dad, it is a must to bond with your newborn. Don’t wait for the baby...