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The 7-Minute Abs, Butt, And Thighs Home Workout

If you're looking for the fastest way to lose weight, you just cannot ignore a good HIIT workout. HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a...
8 Signs You're Are Seriously Out Of Shape

8 Ways To Tell If You’re Seriously Out Of Shape

Most of us put exercise on the back burner. If you haven't worked out in a while, you could be out of shape. However, there are ways to check if you're unfit. Monitor your heart rate after exercise, or take the step test and the 2 km test to check your endurance. Wide waist size, high stress, exhaustion, and sugar cravings are signs of being unfit. Inability to do push-ups also indicate lack of fitness.

Does Exercise Help Lower Your Risk Of Breast Cancer?

Studies show that you can significantly reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by staying fit. Fitness reduces the activity of the cells that are at a risk of becoming cancerous. Regular exercise can cut down your risk by up to 18%. You don't have to perform intense workouts - just a round of brisk walking and a yoga session can greatly help.
flexibility and improve your range of motion

3 Great Yoga Stretches To Do After Your Next Walk

While you see many runners stretch before they start running, it actually makes more sense to stretch after your run, walk, or jog. The...

10 Underrated Exercises Men Must Include In Their Workouts

Most men go to the gym to perform strength-training exercises. However, a few underrated exercises can be great additions to any exercise regime. Pullovers and military press strengthen the upper body. Duck walk, sprints, and stair climbing build mobility and heart health. Single leg deadlifts, deadlifts, and squats build lower body strength. Dead bug builds core strength and banded pull apart stimulates the back muscles and strengthens the joints.

12 Handy Tips When You’re Walking For Weight Loss

Walking is a simple and effective way to lose weight if you're dedicated to doing it regularly. It does not require expensive gym memberships or...
You can elevate your training in the gym by trying these techniques

5 Ways To Take Your Fitness Routine To The Next Level

Make exercise more fun with a workout buddy. It’s a great way to increase motivation, making you work harder and better than before. Listen to upbeat music to improve both heart rate and performance. If you’re serious about weightlifting, invest in a belt to prevent back injuries. You can also use waterballs instead of medicine balls for a greater challenge. To mix things up, try walking or running backward. It’ll burn more calories and strengthen muscle.
Inculcating good habits in our way of life helps keep our eyes healthy

5 Things You Must Do Today For Better Eye Health

Maintaining our eye health is important to lead a healthy and beautiful life. Like all other parts of the body, our eyes too need...

What Should You Drink Before And After A Walk?

We often go out for a walk and return with a dry throat and dehydrated body. This is not good for your health at...
your joints don't creak and ache

8 Exercises To Bulletproof Your Joints And Prevent Injury

Though people think weight training is all about growing muscle, one of the many lesser known benefits of weight training is that it makes...

7 Sex Habits Every Woman Nearing Her 20s Should Know

When you near your 20s, don't fake anything in a relationship, including an orgasm. Masturbating can help you decide what you like in bed. Say no to unprotected sex or if you are not ready for it at all. Communication is key to a strong relationship; so, talk about everything including STIs. Accept and love your body and your partner will do the same.
What to eat after a round of brisk walking.

The Post-Walking Meal That Doesn’t Undo Your Calorie Burn

Walking burns calories, but to maintain it, you’ll need to eat the right post-workout meal. Focus on replenishing protein for muscle recovery. Don’t forget about carbs, which is your body’s first source of energy. Antioxidants will also reduce oxidative stress from physical activity. After a 30-minute stroll, eat a kale turkey wrap with hummus. Add half a banana or apple after a brisk walk.

How Walking Backwards Is The Healthiest Exercise

Retro-walking or running burns more calories than moving forward. It’ll also increase muscle strength, as the muscles stretch and shorten differently. At the same time, it reduces shock absorption, so you’ll be less likely to damage muscle and tear the ACL. Moving backward even helps lower back pain, a common problem. Plus, since you need more energy to go in reverse, heart rate improves.
French women know to stay fit while not compromising their pleasures

6 Things French Women Do To Stay Fit

If you've traveled around or know a lot about other cultures, you may have already realized that the French are regarded as masters at making everything seem effortless. Whether it's their beauty regime or the way they set up the table for a meal, you'll find the French to be distinctly attractive. On these lines, you can certainly learn a thing or two from French women on how you can achieve your happy weight effortlessly!

4 Ways To Live A Full Life With Diabetes

Dealing with diabetes on a daily basis is a difficult task. Monitoring blood glucose levels frequently, watching what you eat, exercising and staying away from the dessert table are key tasks every day. You can still live your life to the fullest with this condition and encourage others to do so. Simple ways to keep you healthy and happy in this condition are to boost your self-confidence and morale, look for alternative diet choices for your cravings, include healthy habits that are easy to follow like walking and mild exercise and to keep yourself involved in tasks or hobbies and communicate with friends or pets that will reduce your anxiety and stress.