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First Day Home Alone With The Baby? 6 Things You Need To Do

Home alone with your baby? For first-timers, it might be really difficult. In the first few days or weeks, your husband and other family...

Importance Of Digestion And Tips To Improve It

Digestion is the only process that ensures the body gets the nutrients required for development. Factors like the amount and type of food, age, and digestive issues affect the rate of digestion. Efficient digestion of foods and their excretion is the key to a healthy life. A well-balanced diet, regular exercise, good sleep, and reduced stress levels can strengthen your digestive system.

5 Ways To Stay Active Even If You Have A Desk Job

If you have a desk job, you may be spending a majority of your time sitting. Staying active at work can not only help you manage your stress levels but also reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity. Exercise or stand at your desk, walk or cycle to your office, and take breaks frequently to prevent back pain and stay healthy. Sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair can strengthen your core and improve circulation in your body.

2-Year-Old Defies Odds, Learns To Walk After Rare Stage 4 Cancer

Zéa Lane was three months old when cancer interrupted her life. The extensive treatment paralyzed her from the chest down. And doctors said that...

Sitting Too Much May Shorten Your Lifespan: 10 Ways To Keep Moving

Sitting for more than 6 hours a day increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disease and early death even if you exercise regularly. During the day try to walk as much as possible. Drink lots of water, walk over to your colleague's desk, walk when you take a phone call. You should also try to take the stairs as much as possible. To encourage yourself to stay on your feet longer, wear comfortable shoes.

Listen Up, Men! Here Are 6 Ways To Be More Confident

Self-confidence is a trait that women find very attractive in men. But, because of some inhibitions and insecurities, some men often come across as being uncertain of themselves. Confidence is a sign of reassurance for a woman that the man is capable of providing and protecting her. Your body language speaks a lot about your self-confidence and hence it is important to be confident personally and professionally.

7 Questions A Dad-To-Be Should Never Ask His Pregnant Partner

Dads-to-be, welcome to the world of pregnancy. You might be surprised or panicked to see the new avatar of your wife. She may laugh...

10 Tiny Changes That Help You Lose Weight Without Trying

Weight loss is often made out to need lots of discipline, commitment, and effort. If you're just starting out, these tiny changes can help ease you into the process. For example, walk distances that are less than mile, or find a buddy that will keep you accountable. Journal your food and movement, keep track of water intake and eat more protein at breakfast.
exercises for a toned butt

7 Moves To Get A Shapely And Well-Rounded Butt

To get a well-rounded butt, you need to do exercises that burn fat and build the glutes. In your daily fitness routine spend at least 10 minutes to do a few jump squats, bridges and mountain climber exercises to tone your butt and lower body. If you are ready to go the extra mile, add dumbbells while doing deadlifts or perform barbell deadlifts to fire up every muscle in your butt and lower limbs.

How Stress Can Induce A Smoking Habit And How To Stop It

For most smokers, it's common to light a cigarette when they are feeling down, nervous, anxious, or stressed out. Smoking can seem like it helps...

6 Calming Ways Of Using Nature To Cure Anxiety

People who live in cities get used to the hustle and bustle of life there. Cities are the melting pots of various cultures, cuisines,...

Top 7 Things That Make A Pregnant Woman Feel Really Uncomfortable

The word uncomfortable during pregnancy is a collation of all the moments of discomfort that a mother often undergoes but doesn't tell openly. In...
how to encourage your baby to walk

Taking Baby Steps: What You Can Do To Encourage Your Baby To Walk

Babies usually start walking between 8 and 18 months. But the process is a progression from crawling and standing to cruising and walking independently. Hold them in a standing position and help them use furniture for support when they're ready to stand. Placing toys just out of their reach will encourage them to take steps and shuffle along using furniture for support till they eventually start walking on their own.

4 Signs That Your Baby Is Ready To Take Their First Step

Isn't it absolutely wonderful to watch your baby take their first step? It is yet another milestone in your little one's life and a...
French Lifestyle Plays An Important Role In Maintaining Their Health And Wellness

Five Wellness Tips Learned From French Lifestyle And Living

Different cultures around the world have unique and varying habits that set them apart from the other cultures. The French are no different. There...