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The Truth Behind Vitamin D Demands Of Your Body

Vitamin D deficiency is on the rise. Various factors like not getting enough sunlight or not having a diet rich in vitamin D can lead to low levels of vitamin D in the body. Recommend dietary dosage of vitamin D should be 600 IU/day from the age of nine to seventy. If you are relying on supplements, don't take more than 4000 IU/day as it could lead to several health complications.

How To Care For Your Bones After 60

Are you guilty of having abused your body in your younger years, smoking, drinking and starving yourself without a care in the world? If...

5 Supplements That Are Proven To Boost Energy

If there's one thing you need to balance your work, your social life, and your family, it's energy. Lots of it considering how fast...
Optimizing your immune system makes it easy to fight HIV and AIDS

Optimize The Immune System To Prevent HIV And AIDS

When your natural immune system is working well, you can adapt to successful viral mutations within days. This applies to HIV and AIDS as...

6 Types Of People Who Run The Risk Of Being Vitamin D Deficient

We live in the internet era in which we are all constantly browsing for information. We're bombarded with unnecessary medical information that almost every...

Vitamin C: 7 Myths Busted With These Facts

Vitamin C is an essential component of a healthy and balanced diet. Contrary to the popular belief, it doesn’t cure a common cold and an overdose can lead to several health complications like kidney stones. It is better to rely on the natural sources of vitamin C rather than the supplements. Although it doesn't prevent stress, it can help you handle it better by clearing cortisol from the body.

5 Safe And Effective Home Remedies To Treat A Yeast Infection

Anti-fungal treatments may become less effective over time as the fungus adapts and becomes resistant. Try these home remedies to treat yeast infections. Probiotics can help bring balance to the bacteria in the vagina while coconut oil shows anti-microbial activity. Ozonated olive oil is another effective option. Vinegar and vitamin C are also viable home remedies to help beat a yeast infection.
To prevent our bones from dwindling, a few steps must always be followed.

5 Ways To Keep Your Bones Healthy Throughout Your Life

The human body is composed of 206 bones and the skeletal system performs one of the most important functions in the body: it provides...
6 Essential Nutrients That Can Promote Hair Growth

6 Essential Nutrients That Can Promote Hair Growth

Today, various factors are responsible for experiencing hair fall. Diet plays an important role in the health of your hair and it is vital to consume foods that are rich in nutrients that support hair growth. Nutrients such as iron, vitamin B, B5, C, fish oil, and zinc are essential for healthy hair. Instead of investing in hair care products, consume these healthy foods to ensure hair growth.

4 Nutrients Your Body Needs To Heal Its Bruises Faster

Easy bruising can be healed with good nutrition. Vitamin K reduces bruising and is important for blood clotting. Vitamin C aids in the formation of collagen and the growth and repair of tissues. Proteins build muscles and maintain tissue growth and repair. Zinc helps in creating new tissues and improves wound healing. Sometimes, supplements may be used under the guidance of a doctor.
Most of the time, sores on the inside of your nose may typically start as small pimples or blisters, and after a while, they may rupture and form small scabs)

Remedies For Open, Bloody, And Painful Sores In Your Nose

The inner lining of your nose is very moist and delicate. So any sores, lesions, or ulcers on the inside of your nose are...
Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin A

Everything You Need To Know About Vitamin A

As children, very few of us got away with not clearing our plate of the veggies, including carrots. And while we reluctantly obeyed, we’d...

3 Ways Your Body Can Get Enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is common today and most people are unaware of it. It can cause fatigue and even depression. A few minutes in the sun helps your body produce enough vitamin D. When sunlight exposure is not enough, the doctor may prescribe vitamin D supplements. Including vitamin-D rich foods like fatty fish, beef liver, cheese, eggs, etc. in your diet may help fight the deficiency.

Why Vitamin D Supplements Might Not Be All That Great

Do you often feel nauseous and constipated? This could be a sign of elevated calcium levels in your body. Truth is, vitamin D helps you absorb calcium from the food you consume. However, when vitamin D levels in your body become excessive, it can lead to digestive distress and kidney failure. To avoid vitamin D toxicity, always consult a doctor before consuming vitamin D supplements.

11 Ways To Keep Your Hair Looking Young And Healthy

To keep your hair looking young, avoid over-shampooing. Condition every time you wash your hair. When you rinse out conditioner, use cold water to seal the pores. Protect your scalp from the sun as well. Avoid tight hairstyles to prevent hair loss. If your hair is thinning try a biotin supplement to get things growing again. These practices keep your hair looking shiny, luscious, and soft.