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Simple Steps To Prevent Impairment Of Brain Health

The Best Brain Food To Keep Alzheimer’s At Bay

Minimize the intake of saturated fats, trans-fats and any foods that do or may contain copper. Foods rich in Vitamin B12 like salmon, eggs and leafy greens can improve brain and nervous system health. Foods that contain phytochemicals (beans and blueberries) and antioxidants (apples, broccoli and almonds) improve cognitive function and prevent Alzheimer's.
Female Infertility

Guide To Female Infertility And Getting Pregnant

If you’re trying to get pregnant, eat organic, unrefined foods. Increase protein intake. Maca, dark leafy greens stabilize hormonal balance. Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. Common deficiencies in women who are unable to conceive are zinc, B-vitamins, and essential fatty acids which can be corrected by taking supplements.

Vegan? It’s More Than Vitamin B12 And Zinc That’re At Risk

Vegetarian and vegan eating is more popular than ever before for a variety of reasons. Let’s go beyond some of the more popular nutrients of concern when it comes to being vegan although the usual suspects still stand: vitamin B12, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin A, and the long chain omega-3 fats EPA & DHA. Animal-based foods are not necessarily healthier but studies show vegetarian and vegan diet needing more attention when it comes to certain nutrients. Animal foods tend to contain these nutrients in higher amounts and, more importantly, those nutrients are absorbed more efficiently.
Vitamin B12 What Is It And What Does It Do

Vitamin B12: What Is It And What Does It Do?

Vitamin B12 is needed for producing and maintaining new cells, including nerve cells and red blood cells. It is also needed to help make...
A Step By Step Guide To Slow Aging Naturally

The Ultimate Guide To Slowing Down Aging

A growing number of studies have found that what you eat, how frequently, and how much may have an effect on the quality and...
Vitamin B12 Most Essential For Plant-Based Eaters

Vitamin B12: Most Essential For Plant-Based Eaters

Vitamin B12 is extremely essential and a crucial water-soluble vitamin which plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous...
8 Critical Nutrients Lacking In More Than 70 Of Diets.

8 Critical Nutrients Lacking In More Than 70% Of Diets.

While we all pay attention to incorporating vitamins and minerals into our diets, are you getting enough critical nutrients? There are some nutrients that...
How can I get enough vitamin B12 if I don’t eat meat?

How can I get enough vitamin B12 if I don’t eat meat?

Curejoy Expert James Dudley Explains: Animal foods are the primary sources of Vitamin B12 and hence strict vegetarians (vegans)- those who avoid meat, poultry, fish...
Vitamin B12: The Most Important Nutrient You Aren’t Thinking About.

Manifestations Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency And How To Control Them

If you aren’t getting enough vitamin B12, it is indeed very important – and you may very well not be thinking about it. One...