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The different kinds of fat in your body

6 Kinds Of Fat In Your Body And What You Should Do About Them

We usually just use the word ‘fat’ as a general term to describe all our pudgy areas, but there’s actually more than one kind...
get rid of visceral fat

How To Get Rid Of Visceral Fat

Slash fatty foods, junk foods, refined carbs, sugar from your diet; include more of fruits, veggies, and protein-rich foods instead. Make simple food swaps like pearl barley for rice and green tea/coffee for sugar laden hot drinks. Try light jogging, brisk walking, rope jumping or any aerobic activity of your choice that gets your heart rate up, burns calories for about 30 mins daily.
back pain at night

Causes Of Back Pain At Night

A day spent slouching at the desk or an evening spent dancing on high heels affects the spine curve and leads to back pain at night. A very soft or a hard and uneven mattress won't support your back and will worsen the pain. If change in sleeping and sitting posture doesn't lower the pain, and you aren't pregnant, see a doc and test for spinal arthritis or tumors, kidney stones, or a cancer of the abdominal organs.

7 Ways A Brain Injury Can Affect Your GI Tract

Disruptions in intestinal-cerebral communication following a brain injury can snowball into GI tract dysfunctions such as irritable bowel syndrome, enhanced permeability or depletion of the gut lining, and abdominal pain. Systemic malfunctions include autonomic dysregulation, extreme immune responses, and collapse of the blood-brain barrier. Strengthen your gut by ingesting probiotics.

CLA: A Lightning Fast Way To Melt Deep Visceral Fat

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) helps reduce body fat - especially visceral fat - while simultaneously retaining lean muscle mass. CLA also modulates the immune response, protects against heart disease, inhibits growth of various cancers, and helps prevent bone loss. CLA can be obtained from grass-fed full-fat dairy foods, organic beef/ lamb and conjugated safflower/ sunflower oil supplements.

Monthly Cleanse: Personal Results And Benefits

Consider these two contradictory statements: “The need to cleanse is vital in today’s dangerously toxic world.1” “Anyone who says, ‘I have a detox treatment’ is profiting...