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helps lubricate the joints)

7 Deeply Relaxing Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep Better

After a long day, the body craves for nothing more than a good night's sleep. Sleep, which should be a natural part of our...

Top 9 Yoga Poses For Runners

There are many reasons why we fall in love with running, including a heightened sense of well-being, freedom, and extra energy. This euphoric sensation,...

7 Yoga Poses For Better Posture

Your posture says a lot about your personality. but that's not where it ends; your posture says a lot about how your muscles and...
Yoga for Vata Dosha

The Yoga Ayurveda Connection: Yoga For Vata Dosha

Yoga for balancing Vata Dosha includes grounding forward folds such as Balasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Halasana and Prasarita Padottanasana. It also includes Apana Encouragers such as Malasana and Apanasana and Restorative Style Postures such as Supported Backbend Inversion: Instant Maui, Salamba Savasana and Salamba Virasana.
6 Yoga Poses To Practice On Bed After Waking Up

6 Yoga Poses To Practice On Bed After Waking Up

Yoga has been one of the purest forms of safely getting rid of the unhealthy aspects of your life. Moreover, the practising of yoga...
Relaxing Yoga Poses To Do On The Bed Before Sleeping.

Relaxing Yoga Poses To Do On The Bed Before Sleeping

Jathara Parivartanasana: Relieves sciatica and neck pain. Thread the Needle Pose: Helps stretch the muscles between the shoulder blades. Supta Virasana: Relieves tired legs and symptoms of menstrual pain. Viparita Karani: Strengthens the immune system and great for relaxation. Savasana- Great for balancing the prana before going to sleep.