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tips to get rid of herpes naturally

8 Tips To Treat Herpes Naturally And Prevent Its Transmission

Herpes is a highly contagious viral infection which shows up as oral herpes (cold sores) or genital herpes (blisters in the genital/anal areas). Topical application of vit. E and lemon balm on cold sores can help relieve the burning sensation. Also, frequent baths with a sol. of warm water, 2c ground oatmeal, 1/2c baking soda can help soothe your genitals.

How Does Zika Virus Affect An Unborn Baby?

If you are pregnant/trying to conceive, you should be extremely cautious of this mosquito-borne illness that can even threaten your unborn baby's health. Zika can cause microcephaly and other severe neurological defects among newborns including vision problems, impaired growth. The best approach is to prevent mosquito bites, avoid traveling to zika-prone areas.

Can Onions Help Ward Off Flu?

The thought that the humble onion can battle respiratory infections might seem ludicrous. Here’s why the onion that gets you all teary-eyed can also be incredibly soothing and ease symptoms of flu, bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis.

Keep Cold And Flu At Bay With These Home Remedies

A few sips of fresh ginger-infused hot water or a spoonful of honey can soothe an itchy throat. 3-4 cups of green tea a day can expel the flu virus. Garlic tea and vit C-rich lemonade and lemon tea reduces phlegm buildup and boosts immunity. A cup of peppermint tea, a saline water gargle, and steam inhalation can clear out a nasty congestion by helping you cough up mucous.

Cold And Flu: When To Ignore It And When To See The Doctor?

See a doc if you have high fever or a stubborn flu. Both cold and flu come with fever and aches (severe for flu), but utter exhaustion occurs in flu. Not all coughing, sneezing, fever, runny nose, croup, or congestion indicate flu or cold. Confirm with an urgent care. Kids can go to school with irregular, mild cough or fever below 101. It's your call if there's congestion but little green or yellow discharge from the nose.

Magical Ginger Drinks To Treat Everyday Ailments

Ginger - 'The Wonder Spice' is considered as a universal cure for a host of ailments. With it's high levels of all the essential...

How My Family Is Staying Healthy This Season

Eat healthy to detox your body and strengthen your immune system. Cut down on carbs from carbonated drinks and processed foods, to keep inflammation at bay. Flush out toxins by drinking plenty of water. Add lime or infuse with oranges or cucumber. Exercise, swim, walk, or indulge in fitness activities. Leave shoes outside to avoid disease spreading germs in your home.
6 Risk Factors For Heart Attack in Women

6 Surprising Risk Factors For Heart Attacks In Women

Spontaneous preterm labor could indicate a weak heart and doubled risk of heart attack. If you are a mother of four or more children, changes in abdominal fat distribution can elevate risks. Fertility issues, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and sudden hot flashes have been linked with heart disease. If have taken proton pump indicators or have had the Coxsackie B virus in your childhood, you could be at risk.
How To Get Through Flu Season Unscathed

How To Get Through Flu Season Unscathed

Build immunity through regular exercise, proper hydration and a balanced nutritious diet, and avoid using antibacterial soaps. If you do catch it, skip exercise routines for a while, sleep and rest more, eat easy-to-digest foods like fruit juices and get a vitamin C IV. Herbal treatments like Goldenseal and Echinacea are powerful in curbing aggravated symptoms of flu.
Do You Have Herpes?

Do You Have Herpes?

HSV1 or Oral herpes causes cold sores on the lips or mouth. HSV2 or Genital herpes is transmitted through sex. Wait till 10-12 weeks from last sexual encounter to get a blood test, DNA test or viral culture done. Use a condom and avoid sexual contact with anyone with a open sore. Direct sunlight exposure, stress and dental treatment can trigger dormant virus.
Winter Allergies

What Does Ayurveda Recommend For Winter Allergies?

Ayurveda strongly believes that immunity is directly related to digestion. Reduce food intake to improve digestive strength and immunity to help body fight viral infections better. Avoid heavy-to-digest foods. Include spices like ginger, turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon in your diet. Drink warm water and sip Tulsi or ginger herbal teas. Avoid any form of exercise.
benefits of honey and garlic

Benefits of Honey And Garlic: Powerful Health Combo

Chop 1 whole garlic and then pound it in a mortar until it becomes transparent. Mix it with honey and store it in a jar. It contains vitamins including niacin, riboflavin, B6, amino acids and minerals like copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and zinc. Use 1/2 a tsp a day to boost immunity and treat cold, cough and flu. It’s also a natural antioxidant.
Prevent & Fight Common Cold & Flu Naturally

Prevent And Fight Common Cold And Flu Naturally

Drink water equal to 2/3rd your body weight in ounces daily. Practice Hydrotherapy to relieve congestion, reduce fever, increase white blood cells and enhance sleep. For warming sock treatment, soak feet in hot water for 10-15 mins, dry feet, soak cotton socks in cold water and wring out, put these on, cover with thick wool socks, go to bed and leave it on overnight.
Ayurvedic Remedies For Cold And Flu

Ayurvedic Remedies To Treat Cold And Flu Naturally

How does the change in seasons affect your health? For many of us, our body's brilliant ability to detect changes in the climate can...

Swine Flu [H1N1]: Symptoms and Preventive Measures

One of the deadliest viruses – Swine Flu also called by the formula H1N1 has been creating staggering headlines off late. Due to the...