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apple cider vinegar cures cold

7 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Be Used For Cold And Chest Congestion

The bug spares no one and once you catch it, be ready for a week of sneezing, a runny nose, body pain, and chest congestion....
Vinegar is a natural ingredient that can be used for cleaning)

Ways To Clean Your Home Easily With The Wonders Of Vinegar

Don't you just love it when you step into a clean home with sparkling, almost reflective, surfaces and a pleasant smell? There is something...
woman with body odor)

How To Use Lemon To Get Rid Of Body Odor

Body odor or Bromhidrosis is a very unpleasant problem that no one wants to have. It makes you so self-conscious that you cannot even have a...

7 Amazing Ways To Use Vinegar At Home

Vinegar has many household uses ranging from laundry, cleaning, gardening to beauty, health, and pet care. The eco-friendly ingredient is an amazing cleaning agent. It is a safe alternative to bleach-like chemicals that can let out harmful fumes. A rinse with vinegar removes insecticide residue from leafy vegetables. It can be used with baking soda to produce CO2, creating a nourishing environment for growing plants.

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Dandruff Control

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) can do much more than just play the role of a salad dressing. Among its many benefits, one of them...

Ways To Use Olive Oil For Effectively Treating Lice

Lice is one of the most common problems that kids face. Around 6 to 12 millions kids get infected with lice every year in...

7 Simple Tips To Prevent Vaginal Odor

Vaginal odor causes embarrassment and discomfort. Vaginal odor usually occurs because of an infection or due to other diseases. Whatever the cause, it must not be ignored and must be treated. It may also cause soreness, itchiness and may adversely affect the relationship with your partner. A mild vaginal odor is normal, but, a strong, fishy odor must be treated immediately.

5 Natural Treatments For Ant Bites

Ant bites are quite painful, especially if you are bitten by fire ants. The burning sensation on your skin seems to last for hours....

13 Natural Remedies For Your Dog’s Ear Infection

Ear infections in dogs are very common and if you are a dog parent, chances are that you will have encountered an ear infection...

6 Tips For Prevention And Treatment Of Fordyce Spots On Lips

Most of the time, small bumps on different parts of the body go unnoticed, but those on your face or your genitals often raise...
benefits of apple cider vinegar with honey, ginger, and turmeric

7 Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar With Honey, Ginger, And Turmeric

Apple cider vinegar (ACV), honey, ginger, and turmeric are teeming with health benefits. Together, they’re even better. The mixture doubles as an aid for weight loss by suppressing appetite. It also improves gut health and digestion, even if you have nausea. With such strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, the combo relieves arthritis, enhances immunity, and fights bacteria. Even your liver will flourish. Finally, all four remedies prevent type 2 diabetes by improving insulin levels.

Why You Should Soak Your Feet In Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar soak can help remove dead skin, balance pH, helps soothe sore muscles and removes odor. Its anti-fungal properties help reduce the appearance of warts as well. Use a tub of water that can comfortably fit your feet. Fill this with warm water and add one cup of apple cider vinegar. Make sure not to use this remedy if you have any open wounds or sores. Frequent hot water soaks may be drying for the skin so use sparingly.
Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Kidney Stones

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Good For Kidney Stones?

Knowing how to tackle kidney stones will help you effectively dissolve these before they get too large or travel too far into the urinary tract. The properties of apple cider vinegar work together to help soften, reduce the size, and dissolve your kidney stones, and also help flush out your kidney. Combine it with water, honey, lemon juice, or baking powder, or apply it as a poultice to the areas that are causing you pain in order to treat your kidney stones.

8 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Arthritis

Apple cider vinegar is one of the easiest home remedies for arthritis and joint pain. Some ways to use it are as follows: drink it with water, soak when mixed with water, mix with oils, add to cherry juice, run a bath with it, make a poultice, add honey to it, or make a tonic using peppermint tea and cinnamon. All of these could work to reduce pain and inflammation.

6 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Make Your Skin Glow

Apple cider vinegar is a great natural remedy to help clear up skin issues. It can help reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes, and age spots, prevent wrinkles, fight acne, cleanse the skin and reduce inflammation. It helps detox the skin as well. When using these remedies, make sure to perform a patch test to make sure your skin is not sensitive or allergic to the vinegar.