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Natural vaginal wash

5 Natural Vaginal Washes To Make At Home: Love Thy Ladybits

There are several easy natural vaginal washes you can make at home. Yogurt can cure yeast infection, maintain bacterial balance in the vagina, and remove odor. Apply homemade yogurt directly. Or use a mixture of aloe vera gel and water for vaginal dryness. Essential oils like chamomile oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil can be mixed in water and used too. A baking soda and water mix also works well.
What Is Vaginal Detox And How To Do It At Home?

What Is Vagina Detox And How To Do It At Home?

Boil 1 gallon filtered water, add favorite dried or fresh herbs. Add 1 cup if dry herbs and 3 cups if you're using fresh. Boil for 10 minute and steep for another 5 minutes. Pour mixture into a bowl. Sit over the bowl on a slatted chair without underwear. Use a towel to create a tent over the bowl and steam your vagina and the surrounding areas for 20-30 mins.
Effective Yoga Asanas To Lower High Blood Pressure

Effective Yoga Asanas To Manage High Blood Pressure

Every living animal on the planet has blood pressure; there is no exception to this rule. The blood flows through the body with certain...