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How ‘Normal’ Is Your Vaginal Size?

Most people worry about the size and appearance of their genitalia. While several studies focus on male genitals, there are very few resources on what is a 'standard female genital organ'. Surgery to correct vaginal size is often more cosmetic than a requirement. As one study shows, women and their genitalia show wide variance in measurement, and there is no such thing as a standard measure. If you're thinking of opting for a cosmetic procedure to correct your vaginal length, consider if you really need it, because this surgery carries several risks.

10 Signs That May Indicate The Fetus Has Stopped Growing

There are things that all expecting moms fear—labor and delivery are the last ones on this list. Baby’s health and well-being are the primary...

6 Things All Men Should Learn About Vaginas

Far too many men think of vaginas as mysterious objects and far too many women suffer because of this. Great sex can bring the...

What Is Considered Normal In Menstruation And What Is Not

Menstruation and menstrual cycle differ greatly for one woman to another. They may experience similar effects but have different physical symptoms and reactions. While some feelings are considered as normal, some are not. It is important for women to understand what is normal. Anything abnormal must be discussed with their doctor. Here, are some pointers about what is considered as normal during menstruation.

7 Common Vagina Myths You Thought Were True

For most of human history, the vagina has been shrouded in mystery. It was something that was spoken of in hushed tones and always...
bad things that happen to your vagina with age

5 Distressing Changes Your Vagina Undergoes As You Age

Aging affects the entire body and changes that the vagina undergoes are many. With increasing age, dehydration, prolapse, incontinence, narrowing of the vaginal canal, higher chances of infections and even atrophy are some of the changes that affect the vaginal tissues. Kegel exercises, a healthy diet, and active lifestyle can help you manage these changes better.

6 Body Odors You Should Never Ignore

A rigorous day at the gym could give you bad body odor since you perspired profusely during your workout. But a simple shower is...
Doubts about your vagina are not as weird as you imagine

11 Vaginal Doubts You’re Not Comfortable Talking About

Some doubts we have about our vaginas sound absurd and we end up feeling quite dumb. But there's nothing to be embarrassed about as every woman has these doubts. These can be anything from worrying about losing things in the vagina, its color, and the asymmetrical shape of the vagina to wondering why it smells so much. Here are some answers to help you.

5 Serious Side Effects Of Vagina-Tightening Creams

Vaginal tightening creams and gels are full of chemicals. They put you at a risk of irritation, allergic reactions, and discomfort. If the chemicals change your vagina’s bacterial balance, you might develop bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. Feminine products also pose the risk of hormonal disruption. Plus, if you have an STD, tightening creams might mask the symptoms. It can be passed on to your partner if left untreated.
There are some vaginal conditions that can be quite common among all women

4 Most Common Vaginal Problems

There are some things that many of us are shy to talk about, and the health of our area down there is certainly at the top...

Do You Really Need Douches To Have A Healthy Vagina?

Douches, vaginal washes, perfumes and deodorants. Keeping our vagina clean was never as complicated as it is today. But how many of those products...

Is It Normal To Experience Vaginal Pressure During Pregnancy?

A feeling of pressure or pain down there doesn’t seem okay—probably indicating that something is not right. In pregnancy, though, every pain and discomfort...
Causes Of Vaginal Cancer

10 Scientifically Proven Causes Of Vaginal Cancer

Vaginal cancer is a rare cancer that may begin in the vagina or spread from the cervix, womb, or ovaries. This is why a history of cervical or uterine cancer is a major risk factor. Infection by the human papilloma virus, drinking alcohol, and smoking are significant causes. Smoking can raise the risk by 2 times. Other rare causes are pelvic radiotherapy, abnormalities in the vagina, and the use of the pregnancy drug DES by the patient's mother.

7 Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore During Early Pregnancy

Congratulations! The journey of your pregnancy has begun. You are already feeling excited as well as anxious. If it is your first time, you would...

7 Benefits Of Myrtle Essential Oil

Myrtle oil can be used to repel mosquitos and other insects. In the body, myrtle’s anti-microbial properties will fight bacterial vaginosis and protect wounds from infection. You can also use it on the skin to soothe skin irritation and joint inflammation. In aromatherapy, myrtle essential oil is respected for its sedative benefits. Inhaling this oil will also improve symptoms of respiratory problems like bronchitis or asthma. Because of these diverse benefits, myrtle doubles as a great multi-tasking oil.