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Vaginal odor is a result of yeast infection, but it could be due to other reasons.

Home Remedies To Keep Your Vagina Odor-Free

It has been found that vaginal disorder is a common health issue faced by many women around the world. Vaginal disorder simply means that...

8 Things Your Vagina Wishes You Would Stop Doing

From wearing the wrong kind of underwear and shaving off all your pubic hair to viciously soaping your pubes and keeping your sweaty yoga pants on – here are some terrible ways that are slowly killing your vagina and increasing your exposure to UTIs and yeast infections!

What Is Bacterial Vaginosis And How To Tell If You Have It

The vagina secretes many different kinds of fluids through the day and most times, this is completely normal. However, if you notice your vaginal...

5 Insecurities Women Tend To Have About Their Orgasms

As a woman, an orgasm is likely to be an iffy topic that comes with a hoard of insecurities for you. You might be worried about not having orgasms while having penetrative sex, having one easily while going solo instead, whether you’re having orgasms in the first place, your inability to have multiple orgasms, and experiencing painful orgasms. Know that it’s okay to have these insecurities and that you’re definitely not alone.

6 Ways Your Workout Spells Trouble For Your Vaginal Health

The excessive sweating that accompanies workouts may cause vaginal yeast overgrowth and result in yeast infections. If your workout routine includes exercises with a lot of skin on skin contact, there is likely to be excess friction around your vagina, resulting in painful rashes and boils. Also, try to ensure that your workouts are not too intense to avoid cuts, scrapes, or bruises in your vagina and pelvic organ prolapse in extreme cases.

How Your Vagina Changes During And After Birth

The female body is blessed with this muscular organ called vagina that allows the unborn baby to come into this world. It is difficult...

Is Vaginal Pain Normal After Walking A Lot During Pregnancy ?

Pregnant women are often encouraged to walk or exercise to stay healthy during pregnancy. Walking is considered the best and the easiest exercise when...

6 Cleaning Rituals That Are Not Good For Your Vagina

The vagina is a delicate body part; therefore, it does not require intense scrubbing or exfoliating. Douching the vagina can disrupt the natural balance of the vagina, making it susceptible to infections. Using scented products can cause pH imbalance, making the vagina less acidic. The vagina is self-cleansing and does not require excessive cleaning. Shaving does not make the vagina clean.

All You Need To Know About Managing Vaginal Acne

Vaginal acne can be distressing but it's not a serious health hazard. Many a time using perfumed products in your lady parts or snug fitting underwear or shaving can lead to these pimples. However, it can be easily managed by adopting some simple steps. These include maintaining proper hygiene, waxing the pubic hair instead of shaving and avoiding the use of perfumed products in your groin area.

Why Does Your Vagina Burn During Sexual Intercourse?

Many women experience a burning sensation in their vagina during sexual intercourse. This makes the pleasurable act of sex a burning problem and can negatively affect your sex life and relationship with your partner. Though the exact cause of vulvodynia is unknown, some factors can cause this condition. Knowing the symptoms and some treatments and remedies can help in reducing the burning sensation.

7 Common Vaginal Conditions That Women Must Know

Almost all women suffer from one or the other conditions of the vagina at some point in their lives. Many diseases and infections can ruin your sex lives and harm your health sooner or later. Although cleanliness and maintaining the health of the vagina can avert most conditions, there is a small chance that women may develop some. Being aware of these conditions can help prevent them.
Clomid is a fertility drug with a twist

All You Need To Know About The Fertility Drug Clomid

Clomid, or clomiphene citrate, is a fertility drug that works by blocking estrogen receptors, which tricks the body into thinking there’s not enough. The pituitary gland responds by releasing hormones that promote ovulation. Possible side effects include vaginal dryness, vision problems, abnormal menstrual bleeding, headaches, weight changes, dry hair, dermatitis, and depression. Risks, which may not be irreversible, include a higher chance of ovarian cancer or cysts.
Ways to use coconut oil for yeast infection.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Yeast Infection

The itching, burning sensation and other discomforts that come with a yeast infection are never a pleasant experience. Even though there are many over-the-counter...

8 Natural And Safe Ways To Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

Although bacterial vaginosis is not an STD, it's best to abstain from sex when you are suffering from it. It arises when there is an imbalance in the vaginal pH and protective bacterial count. The basic principles of treating the infection involve boosting immunity by following an alkaline diet and promoting healing by taking a sitz bath daily. Maintaining proper intimate hygiene and avoiding harsh chemicals from the genital area can also help in the prevention of the infection.

Why You Must Take Off Your Underwear Before Bedtime

The vagina needs fresh air in order to maintain a balanced biome. Materials like silk and synthetic trap moisture and don't let your vagina breathe. This could increase your chances of contracting a yeast or a urinary tract infection. Ditching your underwear before bed or at least wearing 100% cotton, loose fitting panties can help air out your vagina and keep it clean.