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myths about labia

6 Absolute Myths About The Labia Busted

There are many baseless notions that have been prevailing for centuries about the female reproductive system and genitals. Particularly, the labia still remains a mystery to many. Neither is it the clitoris nor the vagina. It's a unique member of the vulva and is majorly protective in nature. Not all women have the same labia and it doesn't have to be fragrant as long as it's hygienically maintained.
changes in vaginal discharge during a menstrual cycle

5 Stages Of Vaginal Discharge During A Menstrual Cycle

The cervical mucus, commonly known as the vaginal discharge is almost nil during the days of menstruation. Following that the 4 remaining stages occur. Gradually the thickness and flow of the cervical mucus increase and it attains an egg-white consistency on the day of ovulation. The fall and rise of hormones like estrogen and progesterone are responsible for these changes.

4 Gynecological Problems You Need To Be Aware Of

Vagina is an organ that combines the definition of both strength and sensitivity. The dichotomy of this organ makes it vulnerable also. We have...
Lube is a great addition to the bedroom

7 Occasions When You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Use Lube

Lube helps overcome several challenges in the bedroom such as chronic vaginal dryness or delayed physical arousal. It also allows for more experimentation. For example, oral sex can be fun for both participants with flavored lube. It can help prevent STIs and STDs from spreading. It also reduces the likelihood of condoms breaking. Lube during anal sex is a must for safety, ease, and comfort.
Vaginal odors are not something to worry about

8 Kinds Of Vaginal Odor And What They Mean

Fishy odors usually mean there is an infection which would require a visit to the doctor so that they can prescribe you simple antibiotics. Musky odors are just a result of sweat after physical activity. Metallic scents are caused by traces of blood after your period. Yeasty, bready smells usually signal a yeast infection. These changes in odor help you keep track of your reproductive health.

Can I Have A Vaginal Delivery If I Am Expecting Twins ?

Most moms associate twin pregnancy with a c-section delivery. It is true that more c-sections happen for twin deliveries, however, that doesn’t rule out...

Maintain A Healthy Vagina With The Help Of Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria that are present in yogurt. A lot have been written about the benefits of probiotics for our digestive and...

DIY Remedies For Vaginal Itch And Restoring pH Balance

An overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast infections are major causes of an itchy vagina and are very likely to happen if your naturally acidic vaginal pH levels start turning basic. Luckily, natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, garlic, and tea tree oil are not only potent antifungal and antibacterial remedies, bur and can also help restore the acidic pH levels of your vagina to prevent future infections.
Both men and women tend to have limited knowledge on the female body parts

How High Is Your Vaginal IQ

You may know your IQ, but do you know your vaginal IQ? "Vaginal Intelligence Quotient" or VIQ is nothing but your knowledge of the...

Signs That Indicate Your Bloating Isn’t Normal

We’ve all been there. Some gassy veggies at a dinner meeting, one too many aerated drinks at the movies or the monthly premenstrual feeling...

6 Common Myths About Vaginas Debunked

Sex education is a very important subject that schools are very reluctant to explore. Unfortunately, children are missing out on important life skills because...
It's important to know how to take care of the vaginal area correctly.

5 Things To Avoid When Taking Care Of Your Vagina

Our lady parts can be a mystery even to us, and not all of us are completely knowledgeable about it. For example, a lot...

5 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Vagina Young

With age, your vagina can become loose and become saggy. Strengthening your vaginal muscles with kegel exercises can change the appearance of your vagina. Wearing tight jeans, being on the bottom during sex, riding bikes, and losing a lot of weight can stretch your vagina. Also, avoid infections by using only mild and unscented soaps to clean your vagina. Maintain good vaginal hygiene so that it stays young.

5 Different Signs Of Vaginal Bumps Every Woman Should Know

If you observe soft, painless lumps near the vaginal opening it may indicate a harmless condition called Bartholin's cyst. Skin-colored bumps near the vaginal area may indicate syringoma. When you wax or shave, you may experience ingrown hairs that cause bumps. Pus-filled blisters are a sign of vaginal boils. Skin discoloration may be a sign of a harmless mole.

Vaginal Acne: Nature, Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

Vaginal acne is most often caused by a clogged up gland duct. This could be a variety of reasons namely, overactive sebaceous glands, ingrown hairs, allergic reactions to intimate washes, perfumes or deodorants, folliculitis, scented pads or tampons. Tea tree oil can be a natural remedy. Meanwhile, keep the area dry and clean and wear cotton underwear to prevent more acne.