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9 Things To Know About Irregular Periods After Miscarriage

Irregular Periods After A Miscarriage: 7 Things To Know

Miscarriages occur quite commonly and are generally not a major cause for concern. But a woman’s body undergoes many changes after a miscarriage. For instance, a woman’s periods may become irregular, or the flow may be very heavy, or the periods may be absent for over a month. All women must become aware of the changes in their menstrual periods after they experience a miscarriage.
symptoms of prolapsed uterus

Do You Have A Prolapsed Uterus? Signs To Look Out For

If the ligaments and muscles which support your uterus become weak, the uterus can sag and fall into the vaginal canal, causing a uterine prolapse. This can cause a feeling of heaviness or pressure in your vagina or pelvis. Your uterus may also bulge out and, in some cases, may protrude from the vaginal opening. Look out for pain in the lower back, discomfort during sex, urinary problems, and excess vaginal discharge.
Benefits of Spikenard Essential Oil

8 Reasons Why You Need Some Spikenard Essential Oil

Among the long line of famous essential oils you’re likely to have come across, spikenard probably went unnoticed. Spikenard essential oil might not be...

6 Reasons Why Lying On Back Is The Worst Position For Labor

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reasons behind painful periods

6 Causes Of Period Pain That Are Often Overlooked

Periods can be extremely painful if your uterine health is compromised. In women suffering from conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, and adenomyosis, this has been noted. In many other women with untreated STDs, pelvic inflammatory disease can cause severe menstrual pain. Sometimes, periods cramps are more intense in women following the insertion of a copper IUD.
causes of prolapsed uterus

Causes Of Prolapsed Uterus You Didn’t Know

Prolapsed uterus is common among women after a certain age. Age, race, and genetics could put you at risk for uterine prolapse. Repeated pregnancies and vaginal births are other causes. Various stressors and injuries to the pelvic muscles and even obesity are found to increase the chances of uterine prolapse.
why to squat and poop

9 Reasons You Should Squat To Poop

Squatting isn’t the modern way to poop, but it's something that's second nature to people in some parts of the world for centuries. With your body positioned more ergonomically for bowel movement, you may be able to strain less, finish pooping faster, and empty bowels completely. You may even be able to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, and a host of colorectal problems if you squat instead of sit.

9 Good Reasons Why Head-First Births Are Considered Ideal

The optimal position for your baby to be born in is considered to be the head down position. Most babies are born head first...

7 Common Causes Of Preterm Labor That Moms Should Know About

A healthy pregnancy concludes at 40 weeks of gestation. However, due to multiple reasons, some babies are born before time. A baby is considered...

5 Amazing Benefits Of Getting Fertility Massages

Fertility massages offer a holistic alternative to drugs or surgery. You’ll be able to manage stress, a common cause of irregular ovulation and infertility. Even tracking your ovulation will be easier, so you’ll know when you’re most fertile. As you sleep better, your reproductive health and immunity will flourish. This massage also keeps you healthy by removing toxins from your lymphatic system. Even circulation will improve, promoting blood flow to your uterus.
breakthrough bleeding: causes and ways to treat it

Breakthrough Bleeding: Causes And Ways To Deal With It

Unexpected spotting or bleeding between periods can be worrying besides being most annoying. It is important to pin down the problem quickly – especially if you’re pregnant or you’re at risk of problems like sexually transmitted infections, PCOS, or even cancer. You may also just experience spotting due to an intrauterine device, birth control pills, or an implantation of a pregnancy. But it is better to put your mind at rest and get treated if it is something more serious.

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Superhuman Moms: 9 Mind-Blowing Facts About Pregnancy

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My Uterus Is Not For You To Judge.

Listen, I’ve pushed four kids out of my lady business, so I feel like I have at least some street cred for this discussion....