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What Moms Should Know In Their 8th Month Of Pregnancy

Congratulations! It has been 7 complete months of carrying your little baby in your tummy. By the 8th month, the realization completely seeps in—you are...

9 Ways Lemon Peel Tea Can Benefit Your Body

Lemon peel tea is a rich source of polyphenols, antioxidants that can strengthen your immunity and encourage weight loss. It also contains pectin that helps lower cholesterol and protect you from heart and liver disease. What’s more is that it can also lower blood pressure and reduce acne-associated inflammation. Drink 2 cups of fresh lemon peel tea a day to reap its benefits.
How Many Times A Day Should You Pee

How Many Times A Day Should You Pee?

The average healthy person needs to pee 6–7 times a day and at most once at night. The number also depends on your lifestyle, fluid intake, and health. Never hold it in if possible – this cuts your risk of UTIs, leakage, and abdominal bloating. Also beware of peeing too little or too much. Both can indicate a kidney disease. While peeing too little indicates dehydration or shock, peeing too much can indicate a UTI, prostate problem, or diabetes.

7 Reasons And Solutions For Sleep Trouble During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can give you sleepless nights. We are not scaring moms out there—certain discomforts are natural. If you are the mom who wakes up...
6 Ways Baking Soda Can Solve Your Dog Troubles

6 Ways Baking Soda Can Solve Your Dog Troubles

You can use baking soda as a dry shampoo and sprinkle it on your dog's fur. You can clean your dog's toys and rug/carpet using this powder. You can remove pee stains and smell by pouring club soda over the stain and sprinkling baking soda after the soda has dried. Baking soda can also remove skunk stinks and heal bee stings.

8 Signs Of Dehydration

Up to 60% of the human body is water, which means that drinking water is necessary for functioning and survival. Every system in the...

What Do Your Pee And Poo Timings Tell About Your Health?

Passing stools at least once in 3 days is considered to be normal, but ideally one should defecate at least 1-2 times a day. when it comes to passing urine, 6-8 times over a period of 24h is normal. However, millions worldwide are unaware of the fact that the appearance of stools and urine is an important indicator of health or disease.
bad things that happen to your vagina with age

5 Distressing Changes Your Vagina Undergoes As You Age

Aging affects the entire body and changes that the vagina undergoes are many. With increasing age, dehydration, prolapse, incontinence, narrowing of the vaginal canal, higher chances of infections and even atrophy are some of the changes that affect the vaginal tissues. Kegel exercises, a healthy diet, and active lifestyle can help you manage these changes better.

6 Body Odors You Should Never Ignore

A rigorous day at the gym could give you bad body odor since you perspired profusely during your workout. But a simple shower is...
What your pee and poop are trying to tell you.

What Your Pee And Poop Are Trying To Tell You About Your Body

The human body is like an extraordinary machine. Each time something goes a little off the radar, it doesn’t shut down immediately. Instead, it...
Doubts about your vagina are not as weird as you imagine

11 Vaginal Doubts You’re Not Comfortable Talking About

Some doubts we have about our vaginas sound absurd and we end up feeling quite dumb. But there's nothing to be embarrassed about as every woman has these doubts. These can be anything from worrying about losing things in the vagina, its color, and the asymmetrical shape of the vagina to wondering why it smells so much. Here are some answers to help you.

12 Subtle Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missing Your Period

Most women look forward to missing their period if they have planned for the pregnancy. However, waiting for the most obvious sign, moms might...

7 Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore During Early Pregnancy

Congratulations! The journey of your pregnancy has begun. You are already feeling excited as well as anxious. If it is your first time, you would...

Health Benefits And Side-Effects Of Lobelia

If you’ve seen lobelia plants, you’ll agree with me that they are indeed beautiful ornamental plants. There are many varieties of this species, most...
what causes dark urine

What Causes Dark Urine And How To Treat It

Simple things like dehydration or something you ate (fava beans, beets, blackberries, rhubarb) can give your urine a darker color. So can urinary tract infections, liver diseases, gallstones, kidney stones, an enlarged prostate gland, and cancer. So if your urine's dark and you’ve ruled out the obvious things like dehydration and certain foods then it might be a good idea to visit a doctor.