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Beat Urinary Incontinence With 7 Amazing Exercises And Asanas

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and build up support with stronger abs, core, and back muscles so you can beat the leak. Simple Kegels and glute bridge exercises can be tremendously useful for anyone with continence issues. Use a pillow or ball as a prop to do an inner thigh squeeze or hip bridge. Practicing yoga asanas like the malasana (garland pose) and utkatasana (chair pose) also help strengthen your pelvic muscles.

5 Things To Take Care Of During Your Postpartum Recovery Phase

When your baby is finally in your arms, you don't bother about the rest of the world, not even yourself—everything takes a back seat....
Excessive coughing can cause more problems in the body.

4 Effects Of Excessive Coughing You Should Be Aware Of

Coughing is an automatic response that is designed to protect the lungs from irritating or damaging substances. The reflex action involves rapid inhalation, closing...
affeine can put an undue amount of pressure on our bladder

The Link Between Caffeine Intake And Your Bladder

Coffee is the go-to drink for millions of people when they need a push to get them through the morning. The day's first cup of coffee...

26 Ancient Indian Tips For Smooth Stress-Free Pregnancy

When it is time to deliver the little human from your body, it can be stressful for a mother. It is thus best for her to be stress free and not take up too many things that she cannot handle. It is better to just sit back and rest which can be better for your body mind as well as the baby's. Some of these things can affect you at your pregnancy and it can be easily fixed. They are, anxiety, backache, blood pressure, constipation, cramps, cravings, diabetes, dizziness, hair, incontinence, indigestion, insomnia, miscarriage, morning sickness, nausea, pelvic floor muscles, overheating, skin, stretch marks, stress, swollen feet and ankles, teeth and gums, tiredness, varicose veins, weight gains, meditations.

7 Unpleasant Things About Childbirth That Nobody Talks About

Delivering your baby could be the most unpredictable of your life events and may be not the most pleasant one. Yes, you were overjoyed...

3 Common Urinary Complaints In Women

Women undergoing hormone changes during perimenopause and menopause, need to watch out for the development of urinary complaints: Lack of control due to a laugh, sneeze, cough, or bladder being full, and Urinary tract infections (UTI). To overcome these urinary complaints, stay well hydrated, practice bladder training, change lifestyle, avoid holding longer, wipe from front to back, and avoid douching.

Energy-Balancing Techniques For Menopausal Symptoms

In ancient Indian culture, it was widely acknowledged that menopause was a natural process of life that did not require artificial hormone replacement therapy....

How Can You Deal With Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine, often due to damaged or weakened bladder muscles. While your doctor may prescribe drugs/medical devices such as vaginal cones to prevent leakage, the condition can be treated right at home with kegel exercises and significant lifestyle tweaks like slashing alcohol, caffeine, losing weight, and quitting smoking.

Urinary Incontinence During Pregnancy – Everything You Need To Know About It

Are you noticing an occasional trickling of urine while laughing, coughing or sneezing? Is this condition causing an embarrassment for you at your workplace?...

Top 5 Natural Home Remedies For BedWetting In Children

Countless mothers spend sleepless nights, worrying about their kid’s bedwetting problems. Bedwetting is a common condition characterized by an inability to exercise bladder control during...

Natural And Holistic Health Care Tips For Your Kids

For every parent, the health and psycho-social well-being of their child is of prime concern. Changing lifestyle and dietary habits affect children as they are...