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13 Yoga Poses That Will Calm You Down & Bliss You Out

Weaving yoga into your daily routine can have umpteen health benefits, as it teaches you to control your mind as well as body. Very...

5 Yoga Poses To Prep For Christmas

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Yoga Poses Safe For Osteoporosis

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14 Yoga Poses For Effective, Natural, And Quick Weight Loss

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Are There Any Yoga For Sagging Breasts?

Are There Any Yoga Asanas For Sagging Breasts?

Cobra Pose, Triangle Pose, Tree Pose and Camel Pose open up the chest, strengthen the back and improve upper body posture to reduce breast sagging. Bow Pose: Lie on your stomach. Bend your knees and grab the ankles. As you inhale, pull your legs back, raising the upper body, including your chest and drop your chin. Hold for 30 sec and breathe normally.