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6 Best Hip Opening Poses For Newbie Yogis

Hip-openers are some of the most requested asanas in yoga classes because they bring release in many areas that are tight. When your hips are...

7 Yoga Poses You’ll Need Even If You’re Only Into Strength Training

If you're someone who swears by strength training with weights, you probably don't want to spend time doing yoga because, frankly speaking, yoga is...

5 Yoga Poses to Ease Pregnancy Pains

Maintaining a good fitness level is of utmost importance during pregnancy. For any expectant mom who looks for low-impact physical exercise, yoga is the...

Top 9 Yoga Poses For Runners

There are many reasons why we fall in love with running, including a heightened sense of well-being, freedom, and extra energy. This euphoric sensation,...
Practicing yoga improves the health of your heart

6 Yoga Asanas For A Healthy Heart

Contrary to popular belief, your age does not determine the health of your heart. Even people in their 20s fall prey to heart attacks...
Easy Yoga Poses For Building Powerful, Healthy Lungs

Easy Yoga Poses For Building Powerful, Healthy Lungs

One of the reasons why yoga is so good for your lungs is because it teaches you to be in control of your breathing. Asanas like the hare pose or the boat pose can rectify wrong breathing techniques and also enhance your lungs’ capacity to breathe in more air. Because these poses are so effective in fixing breathing difficulties, they are highly recommended for asthma patients.
yoga for knee pain)

Yoga Poses To Get Relief From Aching Knees And Joints

Your knees are very tricky joints and you need to keep them lubricated, strong, and flexible in their range of motion. If you have...

Yoga: An Effective Therapy For The Treatment Of Back Pain

A recent study has shown that yoga is as effective as physical therapy in the treatment of back pain. Subjects who practiced yoga and those who visited a physical therapist showed similar improvement in pain. Yoga poses that can ease back pain and provide strength and flexibility to the spine include Marjariasana, Shishuasana, and Trikonasana.

5 Yoga Poses For Firm And Healthy Breasts

Poses such as the bhujangasana, viprita karani, and shirshasana help strengthen the abdominal muscles, spine, and torso, naturally providing support for the breasts. The trikonasana and the virabhadrasana do the same, providing flexibility and strength. Regular practice of these poses will help shape, lift, and tone your breasts naturally.

7 Yoga Poses For Athletes For A Full Body Stretch

Though the purpose of yoga has always been to take you on the spiritual path of unity, one cannot ignore the immense physical benefits...

The Many Benefits Of Triangle Pose Or Trikonasana

The Sanskrit name of the triangle pose is trikonasana. Trikon means triangles and asana, as you may already know, means pose or posture. The...

8 Amazing Yoga Poses For Older Beginners

Yoga can strengthen you from outside and within, no matter how old you are. Seniors can begin doing yoga with poses like the triangle pose, butterfly pose, child pose, and cobra pose. Also, styles like locust pose, wind-relieving pose, tree pose, and bridge pose can help relieve you from back pain and digestive related issues.
Yoga Poses For Naturally Glowing Skin and Face

6 Yoga Poses For A Naturally Glowing Face and Skin

Practicing the cobra pose regularly makes your skin smooth and helps it stretch. The plow pose, shoulder stand, triangle pose, and child pose enhance blood circulation to your face, giving you glowing skin. If hormonal imbalance is leaving your skin with acne and pimples, practice the fish pose.

5 Great Yoga Poses For Stiff Knees

Since yoga’s popularity has soared, people all around the world are reaping the benefits of the practice. Not only does it improve our health,...

7 Yoga Poses For Hearing And Ear Problems

Big toe pose will benefit hearing loss by improving blood flow to the ears. The triangle pose, cobra pose, and camel pose will open up your chest, throat, and neck, which will enhance circulation. Back bending moves like camel pose and fish pose will also stretch the neck. To give both sides of your body a good stretch, do the bow pose and downward facing dog. The gravity in all these positions will help relieve your ear problems.