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When You Move, I Move

By and large we don’t like change, unless we consider it to be positive. Change is worrying for many reasons, perhaps the main one...

7 Qigong Exercises That Will Heal Your Body With Positivity

You might be familiar with acupuncture, but what about Qigong? One of the many gifts of Taosim, Qigong is a Chinese exercise that has...

The Movement Of Qi And Its Association With Sleep Cycle

More often than not, we are told to swallow some pills if there is something wrong in our bodies, but that does not necessarily...

Insomnia: A Holistic View From A Chinese Medicine Perspective

Suffering from insomnia? Read how Chinese medicine fits insomnia into its ideas about Yin and Yang.

How Different Are Yoga And Tai Chi?

Yoga and tai chi might seem alike. Both are Eastern practices designed to calm the mind and body, with focus, meditative concentration, and exercises at their core. And while learning either will equip you to fight the stress and pressures of a busy life, there are some differences worth understanding before you decide which one is for you.

Studying The Influence Of Rhizoma Coptidis On Diabetes

Conventional treatment options for diabetes are replete with many side-effects. Let's find out how the herb Rhizoma Coptidis fares as a herbal alternative.

Which Herbs Can Help Increase Fertility In Men?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Gingko leaves, the Korean red ginseng, and the Peruvian maca root improves libido, sperm production and motility, and all phases of the sexual response. Ayurveda too suggests certain herbs for curing erectile dysfunction. Ashwagandha, dried roots of white asparagus, kawach, and epimedium restore fertility and increase blood supply to the penis.

Autumn Season: Cultivate Art of Receiving And Letting Go

The hours between 3 am and 5 am is most conducive to receiving inspiration from the heavens. At this time, both your lungs and large intestine are at their most spiritual best. Inhale and concentrate on the gratitude you feel in your life that fills your soul. Exhale and experiencing that appreciation throughout all your nerves, muscles, bones, and cells .
Pro Cancer Condition And Traditional Chinese Medicine

Pro Cancer Condition And Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM believes that our body’s strongest defense is from free flowing Qi (energy) within and among five important organs: heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. To prevent a "pro cancer body" try Chinese food therapy: lung energy deficiency - spring rice and wild yam; spleen organ weakness - dry ginger and tangerine peel; Liver organ imbalance - mushroom date soup.

3 Easy Relaxed Breathing Exercises

Breathing is a powerful trigger to relaxation. These 3 simple breathing exercises will help you relax better. Belly Breathing: Lay down, place one palm on your chest, the other on your waistline. Slowly inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Counting Breaths: Lay down, inhale through the nose, hold your breath for 6 or more seconds and exhale from the mouth. Qigong exercises: Sit straight, bring palms towards chin as you inhale and push them towards the ground when you exhale.
What Are The Health Benefits Of Tai Chi?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Tai Chi?

Curejoy Expert Gina Hodge Explains: Who wouldn’t have heard about Tai Chi, the ancient and most artsy form of martial art created by the Taoist...
Traditional Chinese Medicine is Not Alternative

Traditional Chinese Medicine is Not Alternative

Do we need to take a new look at an old way of life? Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years....
Your Tongue Can Determine If You Are Healthy

Tongue As A Health Indicator: 6 Signs, Including Coated Tongue

According to ayurveda, tongue is a map of internal health.The furry coating on the tongue are toxins eliminated from the digestive system overnight. A cold, rough tongue bearing cracks indicates vata. A red/blue colour tongue indicates pitta. A white, slimy tongue indicates kapha. If all doshas are aggravated, then the tongue is black and thorny eruptions come out.
Simple QiGong Exercises to Relieve Upper Body Stress

Simple QiGong Exercises to Relieve Upper Body Stress

Unhealthy Posture & LifeStyle: As you may have noticed, we live in a world where we have all these commodities – we have our couch,...
Chi Gong and Tai Chi -The Ancient Chinese Practices for Energy Balance

Chi Gong and Tai Chi: The Ancient Chinese Practices for Energy Balance

Ignoring the Truth: Dismissing ancient practices is akin to foolishly disregarding its historical journey and the entrenched factors for its survival and adoption even today....