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home remedies for a toothache.

10 Natural Remedies To Tackle A Toothache At Home

To ease a toothache, apply a cold compress to your face or massage the spot between your index finger and thumb with ice. Sesame seed paste, clove oil, or ginger and red pepper paste can ease pain and fight bacteria. A guava leaf paste or green tea, salt, or sage mouthwash will work too.

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5 All-Natural Ways To Ease Root Canal Pain

From toothaches to root canals, a problem of pain in the mouth can be extremely debilitating. It stops us from eating and speaking, and can be distractingly painful. Natural remedies help treat the pain of a root canal treatment, but they do take time to act. Some oils such as chamomile oil and tea tree oil are very effective against pain, and are also safe. In any case, an ice pack may just be your best friend after a root canal treatment.
benefits of lemon for teeth

4 Ways Lemons Can Help You Fix Oral Problems

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid that has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect on your oral problems. Using lemon juice can help you whiten your teeth, cure bad breath and also relieve toothache. Lemons can strengthen gums and teeth, and its anti-inflammatory properties help to cure bleeding gums. Leaving lemon juice on your teeth for more than 15 minutes can erode the tooth enamel.
Lemon, Pepper, Salt Home Remedies For These Ailments

Lemon, Pepper, And Salt Home Remedies For Different Ailments

You can treat a number of common ailments like common cold, a stuffy nose, a nosebleed, a sore throat, asthma, nausea, weight loss, a toothache, canker sores, and gallstones with just lemon, pepper, and salt. Tea made from freshly squeezed lemon juice and pulp in a cup of boiled water can get rid of a nasty cold.
symptoms of cavities

5 Signs And Symptoms Of Cavities You Should Detect Early

Dental cavities are a warning sign for tooth decay, but since cavities can develop without any symptoms too, spotting one in time is crucial. Look out for symptoms like white spots and pits on your teeth, bad breath, tooth sensitivity, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, and pain that comes and goes. Sometimes, though, toothache can be felt only after the decay has reached the inner layers.

Tooth Ache During Pregnancy: Causes & Treatments

Frequent hormonal and dietary shifts during pregnancy may leave you prone to sensitive teeth and gums. For a quick fix, you may try all-natural (and highly safe!) remedies like applying a hot or cold compress to the affected area and chewing on a piece of raw onion, garlic, or some fresh spinach leaves. Equally soothing can be a salt-water gargle or rinse.

Ginger For Oral Health: Heal Toothaches And Cavities Naturally

Clove has been a tradition natural remedy for toothache. But I discovered ginger helps as well. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger immediately sooth the point of pain effectively. It was recently when one of my molars failed and I chewed raw ginger root around the molar for immediate relief. If you ever experience toothache, then try it out.
Ayurveda Pain Relief For A Healthy Childhood

Ayurveda Pain Relief For A Healthy Childhood

Are you happy to give your child a dose of antibiotics or painkillers like Paracetamol or Ibuprofen every time he or she complains and shows some symptoms of being unwell? I am sure many of you wouldn't be happy to do it, just like me. It is important to understand your child's constitution (prakruti) as we are born with a unique combination of Vata, pitta, and kapha. Once you understand your child's mind-body type it will be easier for you to help your child. Feel free to contact me in case any query or doubt.