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How Cordycep Supplements Boost Athletic Performance

Cordyceps, also known as caterpillar fungus, caterpillar mushroom, or vegetable caterpillar, is a rare and potent mushroom that can boost your energy levels. It contains compounds that can improve oxygen utilization and ATP production, helping you stay active for a longer period of time. It can boost testosterone levels, which supports the development of muscle mass and strength.

7 Reasons Why Sex Is Vital For Wellness

Sex offers more than just pleasure. Research indicates that it improves health. It increases testosterone levels and prevents muscle loss. Regular sex relieves chronic stress and boosts immunity. Additionally, ejaculating significantly reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Frequent sex is linked to improved memory and overall cognitive function. It also reduces cluster headaches. Furthermore, having sex frequently is believed to improve one's sense of wellbeing.

9 Good And Bad Effects Of Taking Testosterone

As people age, their testosterone production levels also reduces. A low level of testosterone is associated with many health conditions, such as low energy, poor sex drive, depressive mood, erectile dysfunction, and an inability to build muscle mass. So, many people take testosterone as a supplement, injection, or in other forms. But, taking testosterone also has some positive and negative effects, of which we must become aware.

12 Signs Your Testosterone Is Low

Testosterone is a male hormone produced in the testicles. It isn’t just responsible for sperm production and a man’s sex drive, it also builds...
Change in estrogen levels in men can cause sexual and other health issues

Is Estrogen Ruining Your Relationship? Find Out

If you're a guy and you find yourself asking the question, "Do I have estrogen?" the answer is a resounding yes! Generally regarded as the female sex hormone, estrogen is also produced in small amounts in a man's body as it's important for normal development and function of the male reproductive system. The downside to this is that abnormally high levels of estrogen can interfere with your fertility, sexual function, and raise your risk of certain chronic diseases.

Reasons Why His Penis Is Going Soft On You

From stress and performance anxiety to being overweight and getting sloshed – there are plenty of reasons why a man's member refuses to get hard at the right time. Watching too much porn and side effects of medications may also result in a soft erection. As a man ages, occasional erectile dysfunction is a normal occurrence. However, if this problem persists, it's best to seek medical attention immediately.

5 Things That Lead To Sex Problems In Men

Your sexual health is an important determiner of your well-being and overall health. Although, with age, the testosterone levels in the body can lead to sexual dysfunction, eating the right food, maintaining a healthy and stress-free lifestyle in your youth can reduce the risk of an impaired sexual function at a young age.

Does A Ketogenic Diet Increase Your Testosterone?

A ketogenic diet or keto is a popular low-carb diet, which aims at burning the fat in the body instead of carbohydrates. It has...
things your doctor doesn't know

6 Important Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Know

Important things like prostate health, sex life problems, and hormonal imbalances, are a few things that your doctor may not know. They may not diagnose the symptoms correctly, that leads to improper treatment, and thus affecting your health. A doctor may not be able to diagnose fibromyalgia as it shows many common symptoms and cannot be diagnosed by lab tests. The right amount of protein that is safe for you, can only be decided by a nutritionist. Always visit a specialist for effective treatment of your problems.
Boron is a trace mineral with lots of benefits

5 Benefits Of Boron And How To Get It

Boron is a trace mineral that’s needed to stay healthy. It controls inflammation, making it useful for arthritis and prevention of chronic disease. Boron even helps bones by promoting calcium absorption. In the brain, this mineral increases electrical activity and improves cognitive function. Aging men with low testosterone might also benefit from boron, which increases levels. Rich sources of boron include fruits, leafy vegetables, nuts, and legumes.
Proven Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone

5 Proven Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone

Both men and women need testosterone, the primary male sex hormone. If your levels are low, you can increase it without medication. Start by reducing stress and alcohol intake. These factors will mess with hormones, so it’s important to keep in check. Instead, boost testosterone through exercise and sleep. After all, your body makes the most testosterone during rest, so get some shut eye. You can also increase blood testosterone and fertility with Ashwagandha – an ancient Ayurvedic herb.
effects of testosterone

The Many Effects Of Testosterone On Your Body

Male sex hormone testosterone is produced in a man’s testicles and has an effect on his behavior, brain, face, muscles and more. It is also produced in a woman’s ovaries, albeit in very small quantities, to help produce the female sex hormone, estrogen. Both low and high testosterone counts can result in a host of health issues. Testosterone therapy to treat hypogonadism comes with many side effects. So do testosterone boosters which are found to have little effect on muscle mass.

Effects Of Weed On Sperm

There has been a close adverse correlation between intoxication and reproduction. Be it smoking, alcohol, weed, or other recreational drugs, each of these has...
Side effects of licorice

What Are The Side Effects Of Licorice?

While there is no one-word answer to that question, looking deeper into the side-effects of licorice will reveal the truth. Lack of awareness of...

Foods That Help Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that affects more than just sex drive. When levels of this hormone dip, it can impact your mood, energy levels, and bone and muscle health. Suggested foods include olive oil's MUFAs, zinc from red meat and crustaceans (or dairy), pomegranate, vitamin-D-rich fatty fish and eggs, and virgin coconut oil.