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The penis and the testicles are external organs that are part of the male reproductive system

What Are The Causes Of Penis And Testicle Pain?

The penis and the testicles are external organs that are part of the male reproductive system. The testicles are responsible for producing semen and testosterone...

9 Good And Bad Effects Of Taking Testosterone

As people age, their testosterone production levels also reduces. A low level of testosterone is associated with many health conditions, such as low energy, poor sex drive, depressive mood, erectile dysfunction, and an inability to build muscle mass. So, many people take testosterone as a supplement, injection, or in other forms. But, taking testosterone also has some positive and negative effects, of which we must become aware.
If you experience any pain or a burning sensation in your penis, there may be a few things wrong with it)

Reasons For Random Penis Pains Explained

Though the phrase "having balls" is considered a sign of strength and masculinity, the area below your belt is actually one of the most...
Cancer Symptoms Men Often Ignore

9 Cancer Symptoms Men Often Ignore

Men have higher rates of cancer, but symptoms that seem normal are easy to ignore. For example, frequent urination with blood might point to prostate cancer. Don't ignore painless lumps in the testicles and breasts, which are important signs. Have a heavy, persistent lower belly ache? Testicular cancer is a possibility. Lung cancer may show up as hoarseness, coughing, or trouble swallowing. Even fatigue can be caused by leukemia or stomach cancer.
left testicle and groin pain

Why Does My Left Testicle Hurt? 7 Possible Causes

Testicular pain, migrating to the groin and lower abdomen or vice-versa, can have a number of different causes including direct physical injury, testicular torsion or twisting (a medical emergency!), kidney stones, and STDs or bacterial infections. For a quick fix, a soak in warm water mineralized with epsom salts or applying ice packs to the scrotum may help.