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10 Ways To Boost Your Brain’s Happy Chemicals

There's plenty you can do to boost the levels of endorphin, dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin, also known as the happy hormones, in your brain. Exercise, laughing, or even a good cry can release endorphins. It only takes some motivation to get dopamine flowing. Loving, hugging, and getting a massage are some ways to get an oxytocin surge. The brain releases serotonin when you relive happy memories and get a good dose of sunlight.

Crowning During Delivery: Facts To Be Aware Of

Out of all the stages of labor and birth, the first stage is the most intense whereas the crowning is the toughest part. In...

6 Sincere Ways To Help Your Partner Deal With Loss

Two people grow up together in a relationship. In that process of growing up in life, two people can go through a myriad ups...

How Your Vagina Changes During And After Birth

The female body is blessed with this muscular organ called vagina that allows the unborn baby to come into this world. It is difficult...

10 Unbelievable Things That Follow The Birth Of Your Baby

Pregnancy is full of surprises. More surprising is the fact that you won't receive all the information related to the process of becoming a...

7 Unpleasant Things About Childbirth That Nobody Talks About

Delivering your baby could be the most unpredictable of your life events and may be not the most pleasant one. Yes, you were overjoyed...

7 Ways For Dads To Bond With Their Newborns

Whether you are a seasoned parenting pro or ‘just-entered-parenthood’ dad, it is a must to bond with your newborn. Don’t wait for the baby...

Signs And Symptoms Of Acute And Chronic Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries are categorized into three grades depending on the severity of the injury: grade 1, grade2, and grade 3 strain. Hamstring injuries generally affect the muscles, knee, and tendons. The common symptoms include sharp pain, swelling, tenderness, painful knee movements, discomfort while sitting, difficulty in balancing your weight, and limping. In chronic injuries, you will feel pain while sitting, running, and bending. Avoid strenuous activities if you have a hamstring injury as it can worsen them.
HIV Myths And Fact

10 Common HIV Myths And Facts

HIV is commonly transmitted through vaginal and anal sex. It’s unlikely to get it through oral sex, but it can happen if an open mouth sore touches infected blood, semen, or vaginal fluids. If you get infected, symptoms might take about 10 years to develop. Testing is the only way to know. Early treatment with antiretroviral therapy will stop HIV from becoming AIDS, letting you live a healthy life, be in a serious relationship, and have babies.

3 Aromatherapy Hacks To Survive Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde usually happens 4 times in a year. Life is always about new challenges to overcome. The play of existence is transcendence, overcoming obstacles, and it is more apparent during a mercury retrograde cycle. Don't resist your mind’s natural intuitive review process that occurs in a mercury retrograde. Use essential oils to ameliorate the mercury retrograde influence, soften any harsh influences to your natal mercury, enhance the planetary rulers of the different zodiac signs.