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Love Seafood? Avoid These 5 Fish That Contain Mercury

Bigger, longer-living fish have more mercury, a neurotoxin that may harm your central nervous system. Stay away from swordfish and sharks, two large fish that rule the food chain. Ditch bigeye tuna, also called “ahi “in Japanese. King Mackerel live for 14 years, making the mercury risk very high. If you like tilefish, enjoy those caught from the Atlantic once a week. Tilefish from the Gulf of Mexico also has greater levels of mercury.
Contaminated Fish That You Should Avoid Eating

8 Contaminated Fish That You Should Avoid Eating

Fish are often contaminated by pollutants like mercury, which accumulates in large fish like sharks, king mackerel, orange roughy, and swordfish. Catfish are usually loaded with banned antibiotics, making them unsuitable for consumption. Eat only up to 6 ounces of albacore tuna, and avoid American eels as they tend to be contaminated with PCBs.
6 Foods That Seem Healthy But May Harm You

6 Foods That Seem Healthy But May Harm You

Foods labeled as healthy may not always be so. A classic case is diet soda that can cause kidney problems and depression. Rhubarb leaves and elderberries can cause digestive problems like diarrhea and nutrient deficiencies. Not far behind is grilled meat that can expose you to toxic PAHs. Mercury in fish is becoming a major concern with pollution not taking a step back.

Foods That Negatively Affect Fertility

Mercury negatively impacts a woman’s response to IVF. Avoid fish with high mercury. Processed carbs increase blood sugar and therefore insulin. Insulin disrupts hormonal balance, causing fertility problems. Sugar and caffeine promote oxidative stress. Quit drinking once you’re pregnant – it affects fertility. Consume foods with healthy fats (not trans fats) for healthy eggs and sperm. Pesticides in fruits and veggies mimic estrogen, causing estrogen dominance in women and interfering with testosterone performance in men. Dioxin causes endometriosis in women.