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Stamina Vs Endurance: What Is The Difference?

Stamina and endurance use time in different ways. The length of time that you can work at maximum capacity is called stamina. If your stamina is high, you can go for a long time at full force. Sprinters are the perfect example. Endurance is all about duration of performance, regardless of capacity level. Energy is spread out over an extended period of time. For marathon runners, high endurance levels are needed to perform well.

5 Exercises To Increase Your Hemoglobin Levels

Hemoglobin is the oxygen-transporting protein of blood cells. To increase your hemoglobin count, boost your red blood cell production with aerobic activities like walking, jogging, and running. Any kind of dancing will also help. If you want something that’s low impact, try biking or swimming. Nutrition also plays an important role. So eat more iron-rich foods like spinach, citrus fruits, and dates.

6 Great Heart-Friendly Exercises

The heart is probably the most hardworking organ there is. This muscle keeps beating from the 6th week of pregnancy till the day we...

8 Activities That Burn The Most Calories

Exercises are awesome for the body. But when weight loss is the goal, you might be wondering which activity burns the most calories. Where...

9 Benefits Of Swimming: Start Swimming Today!

Swimming, unlike other aerobic activities, puts your entire body to work. A lean and flexible body is one of the hallmarks of an avid swimmer. Swimming also improves cardiovascular health, burns a significant amount of calories, and reduces the frequency of exercise-induced asthma. Additionally, it also combats depression and stress.

7 Simple Swimming Safety Tips All Parents Need To Know

Are your little one's going to dive in a pool? How do you take care of their safety? Swimming is a happy and recreational activity...
Best Tips for Natural Breast Lift

Best Tips For Natural Breast Lift

To lift your breasts: Firstly find your right bra size, exercises can prevent your breasts from sagging, so practice regularly, practice a minimum of 10 push-ups a day, weight lifting can be a great way to build your pectoral muscles, Aloe Vera gel contains skin tightening properties, consume essential nutrients like vitamins, calcium and minerals and try swimming.
Warning: Swimming Can Burn. Not You…but your Calories.

Warning: Swimming Can Burn. Not You…but your Calories.

Years ago, one of my competitive sports was swimming. I also worked as a lifeguard. When I was a kid I had a fear...