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How to choose the right supplement.

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Supplements

Buying the right supplements is not an easy task. There are several brands, and choosing from them can be confusing. To make sure your supplement is legitimate, look for the FDA approval, any third-party seals, and go for brands that are well-known. Also, beware of the supplements that claim to instantly reduce your weight or cure diseases, as these are just marketing gimmicks. Always do your research and go for the brand that seems the most legitimate.
(A Guide To Taking Vitamins And Supplements)

A Complete Guide To Taking Vitamins And Supplements

One-third of Americans take vitamin pills and supplements every day. While certain nutrients are essential for the proper functioning of our bodies, we don’t...

Health Risks Of Ingredients Found In Food Supplements

Over the years, more people are depending on supplements to compensate their unhealthy diets. But, this growing dependency is an alarming trend as many experts have linked serious health conditions to the ingredients that are used in these supplements. Some of the ingredients can cause cardiac problems and even result in death. Consumers must become aware of the ingredients used in supplements and avoid what’s potentially dangerous.
9 Wonderful Ocean Products That Promote Health

9 Wonderful Ocean Products That Promote Health

Although most of the foods we consume and health products we use are found on land, many healthy foods and products are sourced from our oceans. Foods obtained from the ocean, such as krill oil, wild-caught fish, seaweed, and sea salt offer a myriad of health benefits and protect us from many deadly diseases. Some oceanic products like pearls and magnesium salt have healing properties.

Everything You Need To Know About Bile Reflux

Throwing out yellow bile frequently may sound wrong, but it is not fatal and can be controlled. You need the bile in your body in sufficient quantities to retain your health. Yellow bile is produced in the liver and excreted into the intestine via the gallbladder. When the volume or texture of the bile changes and is expelled via vomit, then it becomes a cause of concern as it is indicative of various liver diseases. Sufficient hydration, healthy eating habits, and the right supplements can help smoothen the digestive system.
Luckily, there are supplements available to keep skin cancer at bay

The One Supplement You Should Take To Keep Cancer At Bay

Cancer is a dangerous condition that you would like to prevent at all costs. But your food habits, your lifestyle, and your environment can...
benefits of glucosamine

Benefits Of Glucosamine: How It Can Heal Your Body

Glucosamine, a chemical that’s naturally present in your body, plays an important part in building ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and the fluid that surrounds and cushions your joints. Glucosamine supplementation may improve conditions like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, both of which are characterized by stiff and painful joints. It may also ease symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, minimize relapse in multiple sclerosis, help wounds heal, and reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.
Start Taking These Supplements For Your Thyroid Health

5 Supplements You Need To Start Taking For Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland is the butterfly-like gland present in your neck. It is the master gland because the hormones produced by it control metabolism...
Reasons To Start Taking Collagen Supplements

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Taking Collagen Supplements

If you've ever read the ingredients in your skin care products, you might have seen collagen listed among them. Collagen has been touted as...

Benefits Of Cooking With Turmeric Vs. Turmeric Supplements

Turmeric is a popular spice native to Southeast Asia and has been used in ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years to treat various ailments. It contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, besides many other curative powers. It has even been known to inhibit the growth and spreading of cancer cells. Turmeric contains curcumin and can be used in cooking or consumed as a supplement.
How To Use These Seven Sea Vegetables

7 Sea Vegetables And How To Use Them For Thyroid Balance

Does your 5-a-day include only vegetables growing on land? Sea vegetables are fast gaining recognition for the truckload of health benefits they offer. Many...
Ways To Avoid Low Sperm Count

7 Ways To Avoid Low Sperm Count

Exercise needs to be part of your daily life. Outdoor activities and weightlifting are some of the best options to increase sperm count. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommends 5 days of exercise for 45 minutes. Men need to focus on increasing vitamin C and zinc. Other supplements that could prove useful to your sperms are selenium and coenzyme Q10. Also, quit smoking and limit exposure to toxins.

6 Supplements For Every Man Who Works Out

Locker room conversation at the gym is usually rife with men trying to one-up each other about how they are loading up on the...

7 Things Pregnant Women Lie About When Visiting The Doctor

Did you ever lie to your doctor about not having any fast foods when you actually gorged on a cheeseburger and chocolate chips ice-cream...

3 Healthy Ways You Can Build Your Muscles

Building your muscles improves metabolism and can regulate your blood sugars. Weight training can improve your muscle endurance and at the same time tone your body. Having equal amounts of protein in your meals can help your muscles synthesize proteins better. If protein-rich foods cannot meet your body's protein requirements, choosing the right protein supplements can help.