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5 Common Health Signs That You Must Not Ignore

Being sensitive to changes in your body and paying attention to the signs can help you understand an underlying health problem. Cold and pale hands may be an indication that you are iron deficient. Thinning eyebrows and eyelashes may be a sign of thyroid issues. If you’re suddenly craving for sweets, it could be a sign that your body is dehydrated. By knowing what the signs mean, you can take preventive measures.
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Crush Sugar Cravings With These Tips

Crush Sugar Cravings With These 6 Tips

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5 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Craving For Sugar

Artificial sweeteners don’t satisfy the same taste pathways as real sugar. Hence, they build up cravings. Often, dehydration is mistaken for hunger, so drink water if you’re craving sweets. Lack of sleep also increases the “hunger hormone” ghrelin, while stress increases cortisol. This hormone is linked to appetite, too. Even a sedentary lifestyle can promote sugar cravings, so get moving! To kick the craving, eat healthy sweets like banana ice cream, dates, and dark chocolate.
Foods That Will Kill Your Sugar Cravings

6 Kinds Of Foods That Will Help You Kill Sugar Cravings

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Midnight snacking can be due to sleep deprivation and disorders

Put A Stop To Sugar Cravings By Sleeping Better

Stayed up too late last night and need a sweetened drink or some sugary treats to get you through the day? Your sleeplessness could be the problem. When you're sleep-deprived, you tend to drag yourself around, skip physical activities, and rely on sugary pick-me-ups. Such habits don't fight sleeplessness and only contribute to you gaining more weight. Optimizing your sleep can help you cut down on your sugar cravings for good and help you stay in shape!

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4 Steps To Wean Yourself Off Soda

Sodas contain caffeine that energizes us and sugar that makes us feel good. Identify which of the two drives your soda cravings and find healthier substitutes. Tea or coffee for caffeine and a balanced diet and stress-free lifestyle for sugar. Soy products help curb sugar urges. Keep yourself motivated and drink lemon water. You may fail at times but don’t give up.

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5 Tips To Manage Cravings While Breastfeeding

Sleep deprivation can cause sugar cravings as your body wants an instant energy fix, so rest well. Often, thirst is mistaken for sugar craving, so stay hydrated. Include foods like sweet/white potato, squash, bananas and plantains that give you natural sugar as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Be easy on yourself even if you give in to sugar cravings, once a while.
How Sugar Cravings Are Signs Of Nutritional Deficiencies: QnA with Elisa Haggarty.

How Sugar Cravings Are Signs Of Nutritional Deficiencies: QnA with Elisa Haggarty

Elisa Haggarty is a Certified Holistic Health Consultant and Natural Foods Chef who strongly believes in the power of delicious food and stress management techniques...
4 Ways to Help Curb Your Sugar Cravings.

4 Ways to Help Curb Your Sugar Cravings.

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