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Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis, Recovery, And Success Story

Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis, Recovery, And Success Story

Dr. Terry Wahls shares her story of personal recovery from Multiple Sclerosis. People with major health challenges like chronic pain, fatigue, autoimmune issues, and mental health issues can turn around their health just by having the right diet choices, lifestyle choices, and environmental exposures. No drugs can outmatch the benefits of nutrient-rich home-made food that helps to gain optimal health!

Why Do I Procrastinate And What Can I Do About It?

In American, about 20% of the men and women are chronic procrastinators – a count that is higher than both people diagnosed with clinical...

8 Tips That Guarantee You Will Make It Big In Life

The road to success is not a pretty one. It involves integrity, hard work, embarrassment, disappointment, determination, and loads of self-confidence. At times, one...

9 Tips To Overcome Driving Anxiety

Feeling the car rumble beneath you as you turn the engine on, being in control of a magnificent automated beast, and getting the smell...

3 Diet Secrets To Weight Loss Success

Looking for ways to a weight loss success? Take away some tips to eat wisely to curb your weight issues!

Ditch These 6 Foods To Get Your Dream Body

Gaining weight effortlessly and trying hard to lose it, is disappointing. The main culprits are these 6 fat offenders- sugary drinks, white bread, potatoes, candy, bad breakfast and snacks. Choosing healthy options over the not-so-healthy ones in each category will bring in the necessary change. The key to success is making it a habit than mere diet planning.

How To Focus To Meet Your Fitness Goals

Does your health and fitness goals fail very often? Here is a five-step process to make your goals realistic and attainable through the power of focus!

10 Mental Tips For Starting A New Fitness Regimen

If you want to make 'exercise' your way of life, know the top 10 tips/tricks towards starting a new fitness regimen. Be motivated, accept failure, be realistic, patient, humble, go slow with exercises, celebrate small successes, be hydrated, be ready to invest and be ready to rest. These tips will take you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Keys To Success: Perseverance And Delayed Gratification

Success is not an overnight journey, nor is it impossible! Here is a 4-step guide to build a foundation for a successful life.

Trevor’s Emotional Heart Transplant Success Was Captured For The World To See

As a typical mid-teen, Trevor was the fun-loving, jokester, who was always active. But soon enough, he started to feel a little ill when...

8 Tips To Effectively Blast Fat Off Your Body

Alternate between weightlifting and interval training to burn more calories and tone quicker. Strength train at least thrice a week. Do not hesitate to lift heavy, but lift correctly. Drink purified water before, during, and after workouts to build muscle. Eat small meals, each with 25 to 35 gm lean protein and healthy fats like fish oil, veggies, and fruits.

7 Small, Specific Steps For A Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

Set realistic fitness goals. If you feel you’re about to overeat, jot down the quantity as a visual warning of a bad diet decision. Buy groceries from a farmer’s market. Walk 1000 extra steps in a day, and do 5 pushups and 10 squats daily. Reduce your portion size by using smaller plates for dinner and stowing the extra food out of sight in the refrigerator. Treat yourself for even the little goals you achieve.

Change Your Life By Changing Your Attitude

Our reality—that reflects our beliefs and attitudes, gained via experiences or upbringing—alters as our attitude changes. We get back from the world only what we give out. So to get what we want, our intent must be focused and our attitude aligned with our goal. Why not treat failures as stepping stones rather than the end of the road? This positive attitude is the key to attaining success.

Success Tips: How To Set Realistic Goals And Achieve Them One Step At A...

Identify your goal, dismissing any doubts that pop up. Concentrate on the positives only. Jot it down in a journal or on a Post-it, and set an achievable deadline. Pragmatically break down your course of action. Be accountable to yourself and others for these sub-goals. Be patient and persevere when confronted with obstacles. Remember to treat yourself when you succeed!

Best Morning Rituals For Weight Loss Success And Boosting Overall Health

Our hectic and wayward lifestyle means we sleep late and stay in bed well past sunrise. There are tremendous benefits of dragging yourself out of bed during this...