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5 Helpful Tips For Preventing Shoulder Injuries

With the help of rowing exercises, and by training your larger, stronger lats and your serratus, you can help reduce the strain on the smaller, more delicate shoulder muscles. By being mindful of keeping your shoulders down while exercising and and staying away from heavy weights while doing chest presses, you can protect your shoulders from wear and tear, pain, and dysfunction.
poor posture leads to neck pain

5 Stretching Exercises That Can Relieve Neck Pain

When your job involves sitting at a desk all day, you tend to pay the pay the price with a sore neck and stiff...
Karthik - Hindu Push-Ups: Benefits And How It's Good For A Muscular and Powerful Chest

Hindu Push-Ups For A Muscular And Powerful Chest

Push-ups are a part of everyone’s fitness regime and are an effective form of exercise. But, the Hindu push-up, called so because it is performed by champion wrestlers in India, is known to have more benefits. It is effective in improving stamina, endurance, and flexibility and has a positive effect on cardiovascular health. It also strengthens the spine, which helps maintain a good posture.

How To Induce Labor Naturally Using Membrane Sweeping

When the baby is not ready to come out even after 9 months, they do require some poking and prodding. Stripping membrane is a natural...

6 Quick Fixes For Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of bodily changes. An expanding belly is not the only one. As the baby grows, your muscles might begin to feel the strain of the baby's weight. The growing uterus starts to put pressure on the main veins in the leg. And this is one of the prime reasons for leg cramps during your second and third trimesters. A few easy-to-do exercises, supplements, and positional changes will help soothe your cramps.

7 Yoga Poses For Athletes For A Full Body Stretch

Though the purpose of yoga has always been to take you on the spiritual path of unity, one cannot ignore the immense physical benefits...

5 Ways You Can Make Moving Easier For Your Dog

When you are moving to a new location, it is not just you who have to adjust to the new place but also you precious campanion which is your dog. They need more time to get well adjusted to their new surrounding than you. They need to be well aware of the smells, their territory not to mention the other dogs in the area. This is exactly the reason you must make all the necessary arrangements to ensure your dog gets well adjusted to the new environment. While travelling it is good to stop on the way and take breaks, getting some old stuff from your house and placing them in your new home will make your dog feel at home straight away, stressing out will only increase your dog's agitation so relax, letting your dog do its routine and keeping him safe in the new place.

4 Highly Beneficial Yoga Asanas For Amateurs

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”- The Bhagvad Gita Yoga belongs to everyone, and not just to the...
tips for workaholics to stay healthy

5 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself If You Are A Workaholic

Being a workaholic is not healthy for your mind and body. Studies have proven that they are at higher risk of developing stress-related disorders and musculoskeletal problems. However, simple lifestyle tips can help a workaholic stay healthy. This includes eating right, taking frequent breaks at work, drinking lots of water and finding time to unwind.

7 Simple Things You Can Do To Avoid Traveler’s Constipation

Some people travel for work while others travel to explore. Whatever your reason for traveling is, the fact is that traveling takes you away...

5 Chair Yoga Poses You Can Do At Home

If you want to start doing yoga but your body does not allow you to squat, sit on the floor, or stand easily, then...

7 Easy And Relaxing Stretches You Can Do In Bed

Stretches provide instant relaxation and relieve any stress in the muscles. Some stretches can be done when you are still in bed to get instant relief from the day's stress or prepping yourself up for the long day. Some of these include side quad, happy baby, fish, cobra, reclining hamstring, spine twist, and knee to chest back stretch.

Best Stretches Before Bedtime

How relaxing a good stretch can be! Ever seen how any animals, from the African lions to the common house cat, all stretch before...

Why And How To Stretch In The Right Directions

Stretch the muscles in the front of your body (not the back) because they are the ones causing postural problems and straining your back. Lie down on the edge of your bed and drop your arm toward the floor; then, move your hand from your feet to over your head slowly. Similarly, allow your heel to drop slowly toward the floor and stretch. While lying down, squeeze your shoulder blades toward your spine, away from your ears, twice.

5 Best Stretches To Improve Flexibility

If you have a desk job it's easy that you lose flexibility in your muscles. Feeling stiff always is not a good sign. Seated straddle stretch gives your hips and hamstrings flexibility. Seated butterfly stretch works on your inner thighs, groin, and hips. Kneeling lunge stretch, seated four-way neck stretch, and standing chest stretch will give overall flexibility.