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Potential Obstacles When Flying Pregnant

Flying When Pregnant: Keep These 8 Tips In Mind

Most medical professionals recommend the safest time to fly while being pregnant is before 36 weeks. Several air-travel services do not allow passengers over...

9 Stretches For Men To Promote Muscle Healing And Recovery

Warming up and cooling down is as important as the exercise itself. Men naturally have a greater muscle mass and a simple injury can throw you out of balance. Upper body rotations, arm and shoulder stretches, twisted lunges, foot stretch, quad stretches, and wall stretches are all necessary for stretching every muscle group in the body. While cooling down, you may take some time to relax each muscle group consciously for faster recovery.
exercises to correct dowager's hump

5 Ways To Correct A Growing Dowager’s Hump

The development of a hump at the base of the neck can be seen in an increasing number of people these days. It's usually due to the faulty posture of slouching and leaning forward while sitting this condition develops. Simple tips like maintaining the right posture every time. Practicing neck stretching, chin tucking and wearing a posture correction brace can help too.

6 Easy Stretches To Keep Your Knees Pain-Free

Knees are probably one of the most important joints in your body. They're engaged pretty much all the time which means they also get...
A 5-minute stretching routine can help you start the day on a positive note.

5 Early Morning Stretches You Mustn’t Miss Out On

In sleep, many of us tend to flip from the stomach to the back, keep flailing from side to side, keep doubling flat pillows,...

6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Rest Days

Rest days are vital for adequate muscle growth and overall physical development. During rest days you should never be idle, active recovery like jogging and conditioning will keep the blood flowing to the muscles. You can also do some mobility work and stretch during this time. Eating properly with the right amount of protein is required for muscle growth. Finally, drinking lots of water will prevent muscle soreness and cramps.

Dynamic Stretches: A Necessary Warm-Up Before A Workout

Dynamic stretching activates the muscles and prepares the body for a sport or exercise and improves the motor skills. Unlike static stretches that keep the mind calm, dynamic stretching prepares you mentally for the high-intensity activity. Studies also report these stretches boost performance. Simple dynamic stretches include lunge with a twist, knee to chest, and high kicks.
Simple Stretches To Help Relieve Aching Shoulders

Workspace-Friendly Stretches To Relieve Aching Shoulders

Wall stretches and desk angel stretches are a great release for tight shoulders and an aching lower back while the upper trapezius stretch can prevent shoulder aches to start in the first place. Armpit stretches can help relax your tense those tense muscles that extend beyond your shoulders up till your neck while shoulder roll stretches increase the range of motion in your shoulders and promote a healthier posture.
Stretches And Exercises To Relieve A Tight, Stiff, Or Sore Neck

Stretches And Exercises To Relieve A Tight, Stiff, Or Sore Neck

A stiff neck or a sore neck causes immense discomfort and can the pain can interfere with our everyday life. It may occur due to many reasons such as bad posture or an improper pillow. It may also occur because of muscle strain and nerve compression. Besides maintaining a good posture, some simple exercises and stretches can help in relieving the neck pain.

Everything You Need To Know About Occipital Neuralgia

If you’re experiencing throbbing, electric-shock-like pain, which usually starts at the base of the skull and then radiates to the back or sides of the scalp, you may have occipital neuralgia. This condition is normally caused by irritated occipital nerves – the two nerve pairs that begin at the second and third neck vertebrae. Try the corpse pose, the sub-occipital neck stretch, and neck extension and flexion exercises to relieve the symptoms at home.

The Importance Of Stretching For Muscle Growth

When it comes to weight training and bodybuilding, it is recommended to put your targeted muscle group through some intense stretching right after you’ve completed your workout. This increases not only the rate at which your muscle fibers grow in size but also increases the production of skeletal muscle cells. Once you finish training, do about 30 to 60 seconds of intense stretching of the trained muscle.

3 Important Things To Note For Post-Workout Napping

After exercise, recovery lets your muscles heal and grow. Otherwise, you’ll feel fatigued and perform poorly. A late morning nap will encourage optimal recovery by increasing slow wave sleep. Before hitting the hay, re-hydrate and stretch to prevent cramps. Cooling down with light movement is always smart. Finally, replenish your glucose stores with a post-workout meal made of 4:1 carbohydrates and protein. Even if you can’t nap, these habits are still necessary for recovery.

Wrist Pain? Your Heavy Workout Could Be The Culprit!

Workouts, if performed without proper care, can lead to wrist pain. Applying ice packs, wearing a wrist sprint, and forearm stretches are simple ways to reduce the pain. To avoid wrist pain in the future, ensure that you warm-up thoroughly, and take breaks in between exercises. Practice wrist and forearm exercises regularly to strength your wrist, and reduce the risk of a wrist injury!
keeping your knees healthy

5 Exercises For Healthy Knees That You Can Do Every Day

Knees come into play in pretty much every single physical activity you do. Even when you're just standing, they are bearing the weight of...

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Sore Muscles

If you're sitting for too long, move around more. Stretching can improve muscle flexibility. Drinking enough water helps in muscle repair and growth. Body massages can relieve muscle tension. Hot and cold treatment is good for pain and inflammation. Take fitness routines slow and easy if you experience muscle soreness. In Ayurveda, ginger, mustard, and Abhyanga massage can ease muscle soreness.