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Yoga For Bone Health: 9 Poses To Try For Flexibility And Strength

Yoga can be an excellent option to build bone strength. Backbends, spinal twists, and asanas that test your balance and core strength can boost bone density and ward off osteopenia and osteoporosis. Make the tree, warrior II, bridge, locust, chair, twisted triangle, and triangle poses part of your exercise vocabulary!

Learn These 5 Mantras In Life To Handle Fear, Self-Doubt, And Stress

Imagine living a life in which you hold the power over your fears, self-doubt, and stress. Everybody seeks that power, but only a few...

5 Ways To Strengthen Oneself To Stand Up To Patriarchy

Women have been enduring a lot from past two years than they did in a long time. As some bullies are taking over the...

6 Dietary Changes That Can Help COPD Patients Meet Their Nutritional Needs

Good nutrition should be one of the top priorities for people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The energy requirement is higher for such individuals...

5 Reasons To Take A Personality Test

A person’s personality is popularly defined as a set of their habitual behaviors, cognition, and emotional patterns that stem from biological and environmental influence....

Lifting Vs Running: Find Out What’s Best For Your Bones

Bone is a living tissue that responds to stress. Bone growth happens through a process known as bone remodeling. Here, the bone cells lay down new bone matrix and strengthen the bone in response to external stress. Running is an aerobic exercise that's great for cardiovascular health. Strength training exercises like weightlifting are more focused on enhancing bone strength exclusively.

8 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Partner Workouts

Working out with a partner can make your workout engaging and competitive. You can motivate, support, and encourage each other to do better. When...

3 Reasons Why You Should Rest Between Sets

Going all out at the gym doesn't necessarily mean you're reaching your goals faster. Research shows that 3–5 minutes rest between sets is important. Breaks in between sets maximize recovery, enable high intensity workouts, and increase ability to do more sets and repetitions. They also lead to greater muscle growth during resistance and strength training. Breaks improve muscle strength and endurance as well. Lastly, make sure to have 1–2 rest days in between as well.

9 Simple Exercises That Improve Functional Arm Strength

Improving the strength of your arms is very important. Increased arm strength not only enables you to do exercises that require arm strength but also helps you accomplish everyday tasks more easily. Exercises that develop the arm muscles also increase flexibility, balance, and coordination, which in turn reduces the possibility of injuries. Simple exercises that use body weight, bands and dumbbells help in improving arm strength.

5 Practical Ways Of Building Strong Self-Esteem

Good self-esteem is a crucial quality to have in a person. It directly affects our confidence, self-worth and a general sense of happiness. It...

How Walking Backwards Is The Healthiest Exercise

Retro-walking or running burns more calories than moving forward. It’ll also increase muscle strength, as the muscles stretch and shorten differently. At the same time, it reduces shock absorption, so you’ll be less likely to damage muscle and tear the ACL. Moving backward even helps lower back pain, a common problem. Plus, since you need more energy to go in reverse, heart rate improves.
You can be plus sized as well as super fit.

6 Fitness Tips For Plus Sized Athletes

When we think about fitness in general, we are inclined to think about lean, trim and well toned people or we think about people...
Though the plasticity of your brain declines with age, it happens throughout your life

10 Fundamentals Of Rewiring Your Brain

Your brain is simply amazing. It controls each and every function of your body without you even knowing it. It was earlier believed that...

5 Fun Facts About Toning And Bulking Up

Heavy weights can get your body toned. Building muscles and being bulky don't mean the same thing; bulking up requires intense workouts and diets. Strength is not in the weights you lift, it's about working your muscles to the point where you cannot lift. There is no gender difference in weight lifting. Exercises don't make your muscles longer, only stronger and flexible.
keeps your legs fit

9 Bodyweight Exercises To Build Functional Leg Strength

Leg muscles are something most people ignore, including gym regulars who spend the most part of their time working on the upper body. Strong legs...