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The 8 Strength-Training Moves Every Woman Over 50 Needs To Do

In your 20's, getting washboard abs to show off during bikini season might have been your motive behind going to the gym. But around...

Personal Trainer’s Secrets To Starting Fresh

Keeping fit is not just about doing cardio, you would need to do strength training as well. Don’t feel overwhelmed with complex machines, there are other simpler ways to get started. Before starting with the routine, you need to spend time warming up.

Metabolism: 5 Common Issues And Their Remedies

We all know about the regimen set for the contestants of the oh-so-famous show “The Big Loser.” They tend to lose a lot of...

How To Lose Leg Fat In 30 Days

Tone your legs with exercises focused not just on leg fat but on the whole body fat. Follow this gentle low-impact cardio routine to help you do just that.

Lower Body Cardio And Strength Workout For Legs And Butt

Looking for a lower body workout that's intense? Then this 40-odd minute cardio and strength workout video, for the legs and butt, is perfect for you!

Sweaty Dumbbell Strength Training Workout

This body shaping strength training workout boosts your metabolism, builds lean muscle tone (which helps you burn fat 24/7), and builds your confidence too!

Does Strength Training Cause Women To Bulk Up?

Dare to pump iron, and go all the way. Women need to face the fear of turning into men as they are not biologically designed to do so. Learn the truth.

Strength Training For Women: Pick Up Those Dumbbells

Resistance training builds muscle and increases BMR. Use 12, 15, and 20-lb dumbbells to do upper and lower body workouts on alternate days. Rest 1 or 2 days a week. Warm up before workouts, sleep well, stay hydrated, and adopt a high-protein, low-carb diet. Do fewer reps with heavier weights for growing in size or more reps with lighter weights for building lean muscle.

15 Ways To Stop Yourself From Eating When Bored

Be mindful of your eating habits. Take note of your mood swings and the triggers leading to mindless eating. Exercise daily and sleep early, as most of the binging happens at night. Drink lots of water. It minimizes untimely cravings. Chew gum to distract yourself. Avoid junk food. Opt for nutrient-rich foods whole foods to feel satiated for longer. Learn to identify real hunger and seek timely help.

10 Reasons You Should Focus On Strength Training Over Cardio

Strength training targets specific muscles and builds muscle mass, It helps achieve a better body composition and higher resting metabolic rate (burning even more calories while doing nothing!). Lifting weights means stronger bones and a better posture and unlike cardio, it burns only fat, not muscle. Sculpt your body while lowering cortisol and estrogen that hinder weight loss.

Include Some Form Of Exercise For Optimal Health

Stretch and move about 2-3 times every hour. Walk or jog 3-4 times a week to lower your resting heart rate and blood pressure. Engage in strength training twice a week to preserve muscle tone and improve bone strength. Burn fat with high-intensity interval training 2-3 times a week. Add some Yoga or Pilates to strengthen your core, improve balance, reduce pain and elevate your mood.

Strength Training And Speedwork To Get Faster And Stronger

Strength Training, Speedwork To Get Faster And Stronger

Fruitful Weight Loss Guide For Menopausal Gain

Practice weight training exercises to counter your slow metabolism. Exercise also helps relieve stress and stabilize mood swings that come with menopause. Get 150 min of moderate or 70 min of high intensity aerobic activity each week. Strength training reduces bone loss after menopause, which also lowers risk of fractures and osteoporosis.

Simplifying Your Fitness To Get And Stay Fit.

For years I’ve seen a number of gadgets, programs and so forth that has confused me as well as others. Every time I hear...