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benefits of arrowroot for health

7 Benefits Of Arrowroot For Health, Skin, And Hair

Arrowroot powder is a starch made from the roots of the arrowroot plant. As a gluten-free substitute for flour, it is used in many recipes. It is known to boost immunity and to reduce pain associated with diarrhea. Mixed with tea tree oil, it can treat athlete's foot. This powder also doubles as a natural dry shampoo and body powder.
foods that help you poop

3 Types Of Food That Will Help You Poop Better

To relieve constipation, opt for fiber-rich foods and increase your fluid intake. Berries, unpeeled apples or pears, avocado, leafy greens, squash, whole-grain cereals, brown rice, and rye bread are natural laxatives. Additionally, resistant starches cooked and cooled potatoes or green bananas help too.

8 Everyday Foods That We Eat But Can Actually Kill You

In a world that is slowly going back to nature and consuming its foods in all its raw glory, or if you're experimenting with...

Making A Substitution: How To Cook Without Using Eggs

Looking for cooking tips without using eggs? Try these vegan-friendly egg substitutes and wow your guests with recipes that they never thought were possible without eggs!

What Foods Should Be Avoided During Menopause?

To ride over menopause smoothly, stick to a nutrient-rich diet and steer clear of junk foods that can degrade your health. Consume foods rich in starch (brown rice, boiled potatoes), calcium (low-fat milk, yogurt), protein (legumes, fish, egg whites), and vitamins (carrots, kiwi, spinach). Abstain from caffeine, spices, alcohol, sugars, processed foods, excess salt, and saturated fats (red meat, fried foods).
Incompatible Food Combinations

List of Incompatible Food Combinations According To Ayurveda

1. Milk Milk is incompatible with: bananas, cherries, melons, sour fruit, fish, kitchari, meat, yogurt, and bread containing yeast. 2. Honey Honey is incompatible with: equal ghee by...

Reading Food Labels – A Nutritionists Guide.

Look at the Ingredients List First When you’re shopping, how much attention do you pay to food labels? If you eat mainly whole foods and...